If You Happen To Vacation With Your Golf Clubs A lot Be Sure To Secure Travel Insurance

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It comes as no surprise that there would be insurance available for golfers.  In sports, golf remains to be one of the most sought after and worth traveling for.  Serious golfers have traveled to a few of the most beautiful locations to go golfing, from Pebble Beach to Coeur DAlene, Idaho.  So having travel insurance is essential for even people like Tiger Woods.  Many golfers will benefit from travel health insurance, from cheap travel insurance plans to one way travel insurance.

And you would also expect serious golfers to own nice set of golf clubs.  It is important to have these golf clubs covered when you travel, as we all know, these golf clubs cost a lot.  When calling around for travel insurance quotes, make sure to ask them what category the clubs will fall under to be certain that you receive the proper amount of coverage for them.

The insurance company will probably need to know what brand, how much, and ask for a receipt to be able to put a replacement value on the clubs for you.   There is a policy provided by Churchill Travel that specifically gives coverage for your clubs and they call it Churchill golf cover.  This policy will definitely cover if ever your clubs get damaged, lost or stolen, coverage per day is also offered should there be any delay in receiving your golf clubs, and if your trip was cancelled for whatever reason, it would also cover for the fees you have paid to be on the green.  This is good to know since those fees aren’t cheap!

Another benefit you could have with this policy is that if ever you meet an accident while driving a golf cart, it is also covered.   I thought this was great since you just can’t be too sure especially if you decide to golf on a slightly rainy day.

With this policy, you can get coverage for your own personal equipment or for any equipment you have rented for the day.  In either case, you are covered. 

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