How to Win Your Old Love Back 3 Stages of Reconcilliation

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When you first fall in love, it is like springtime whatever time of year it is , all things  appear  fresher , and you feel wonderful . Life feels new and more exciting , oyu are both hopeful that this relationship might be the love of a lifetime . The initial few weeks, months, or for the lucky ones, years seem to pass in a hurry , then events seem to get in the way.

Then things start to fade, at this stage  one or both of  you may start to ask themselves how to renew  that first  vivacity and how to win your old love back.

You begin to  that the relationship is not as wonderful  as you had hoped begins  as real life takes hold, the once flawless  relationship  starts  to turn a little disheartening . After the initial  part  of the relationship passes, the heat of passion fades and becomes a damp  ember. Now is the time when a lot of relationships and marriages start to see troubles, it may seem that the ‘grass is greener….’ and  an affair   or divorce looms onto the horizon .

For those of you that find the way things are going goes against everything  you feel  and are not willing  to let it go further  or for those who have had this happen recently , then they should   seek help .

Seek out relationship advice from family who have gone through similar  issues and got that spark back .  Simply  ask the question how to get your ex back, there are just 3 steps that will probably  t ake   you back to Heaven.

1)   Speak to each other                                                                                                             

This is a no brainer usually  the simplest  things are often  not taken seriously  – Put  aside  a period of time  time each  day, removed  from any distractions (not always  the easiest  of things to do , but essential ) to talk about  anything ‘how was your day?’ is almost always  a good place to begin , do not get too heavy,  small talk is good . When  you reopen  natural communications and start to feel comfortable  once more  in one another’s company, then you can begin to discuss  what went wrong .

2)  Take a trip together

Start to bond together again , take a short  trip, maybe  to revisit  a few places you used to visit  when love was young , or possibly somewhere  you always wanted  to go but never had the chance . Being together and  going places is a great step  to  findingout how to get your ex back.

3)  Talk about ‘old times’

Reminiscing  and recalling the topics  that you used to talk about when love was fresh , play music, see a movie  or read a book together,  all the things that were important  to the young  relationship. Make it seem spontaneous , something that just happened .

Plan things to make them look to be almost accidental and unstructured, seemingly random events, such as stumbling upon a long forgotten restaurant, accidently discover old memorabilia that will rekindle old memories. The rest is up to you, the key to finding out how to win your ex back, is to set things up for the two of you to fall in love again. As with all emotional ups and downs , do not hurry things take your time and most of all takes these 3 steps to heaven.            

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