How To Play Sand Traps

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Most amateur golfers fear hitting the ball into sand traps, as they have much difficulty in getting out of them correctly . Good golfers take the sand shot in stride without too many problems  , and professionals are able to hit the ball out of the sand better than most people do from the grass. One of the key elements is that you are not necessarily hitting the ball . It’s necessary to swing the club through the sand under the ball and use the force of  the sand to lift the ball up and out of the bunker.

You need to trace a path through the sand about a foot wide with your ball in the center of this path. You should be aiming  for your club to enter the sand at the front end of the path and to dig underneath your ball, this will cause a wave of sand to push the ball up and out of the bunker . This may require plenty of power on deep bunkers, but you need to be careful not to over swing as you could over shoot the green and end up in a worse condition.

Many golfers do not want to send large volumes of sand into the air, but when professionals take a sand shot, they often send a big cloud of sand into the air and their shots will land cleanly on the green and in some cases can land very near the hole.

After you’ve hit your shot, and hopefully made it safely out of the bunker, you will need to return the bunker back to how you found it, there is normally a rake near to bunkers that you should use to rake over any footprints or divots that your club may have made when you took your shot.

Initially you should just try to get yourself out of the sand and back on to the fairway or green, as you develop better control of your shot trajectory and spin control then you may be able to add spin to your sand shot so that when it lands on the green it rolls towards the hole for an easy putt.

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