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Your upcoming vacation is like any other; hard-earned and overdue. That’s why you know these precious few days need to be special, extraordinary in fact. You’ve decided to head for the hills, the Blue Ridge Mountains to be exact, so do what it takes in the present to ensure that the future holds plenty to be thankful for.

Hiawassee is a great place to settle down for a spell, as it is surrounded by mountains, hills, meadows, waterfalls, and plenty of fresh air. You’ve probably almost forgotten what all that is like, so don’t be surprised if you suffer from a little bit of culture shock upon your arrival. Don’t worry, nature appreciation is probably a better term for it, and it won’t hurt a bit.

On the subject of settling, you might consider reserving a vacation rental for this trip. Especially if you’re looking forward to peace and solitude, and perhaps stirring up a little romance with your honey, you’ll love a place that is more than just a bland, cut-from-a-pattern, box-like room. Push your imagination to the limit and picture what it is you really want.

Might it be a rustic-looking cabin tucked away behind a grove of quaking trees? Perhaps it has hard-wood floors, a fireplace for the cool nights, and cabinets filled with extra blankets, towels, and even books and games for your convenience. The master bedroom is spacious and light, and don’t worry, the closet in this room is perfectly empty and waiting for you to fill it with your clothes. No wrinkled garments during this trip.

Not that you’ll really care about the appearance of your clothes as you put your feet up on the back deck as you watch the sun go down. Enjoy a cocktail or snack from your modern kitchen and congratulate yourself for choosing to stray from the beaten path. Your significant other will probably be willing to pat you on the back as well, so go ahead and bask in the praise you’ll certainly be receiving.

You’ll sleep well in your king-sized bed, and the gentle hum of the outdoors will further calm your senses. Crickets and breezes will replace honking horns and alarm clocks, and the usual bags beneath your eyes will be making no appearances during this trip, thank goodness. Dream about sparkling lakes and wildflowers, because that’s probably what you filled your day with. In case you haven’t noticed, you’ll be pretty relaxed in you Hiawassee vacation home.

Every day you’ll wake with the choice to do what you want. Hang out with your cup of coffee for a while, or hit the trail as soon as day breaks. Go for a swim in Lake Chatuge, grab your binoculars and look for wildlife, or sign up for a whitewater rafting session that will boost your mood like nothing else. It’s all here at your fingertips, so close your eyes and visualize what it is that will make you happy.

If whatever that happens to be results in tired-in-a-good-way muscles, then don’t forget that your very own Jacuzzi tub awaits you back at the cabin. If an hour on the lake has you wishing you could reapply your sunscreen, simply walk back to your place and get it. No car rides or crowded hotels here; as the days go on you’ll realize just how integral a role your lodgings are playing in the overall comfort level of this trip.

From waterfront to mountainside, cottage to condo, the choices are varied and consistently pleasing when it comes to vacation homes in Hiawassee. For some overworked individuals, as long as you’re cozy and comfortable it won’t even matter where you actually are, but it doesn’t hurt that the outdoor offerings of this region are tempting and top-notch as well. Not to mention the town is quaint and pleasant in its own way, with lots of unique shops, nourishing restaurants, and Appalachian festivals that’ll acquaint you with authentic bluegrass and Blue Ridge merrymaking.

All in all, you’re well on your way to recharging your batteries by starting to make plans for your Hiawassee holiday. Go online to book the Hiawassee Vacation Rental that calls your name, and prepare to savor life rather than hurry through it.

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