Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Hawaii. The country of sun, sand, beach and…volcanoes. Just as much as Hawaii is famous for its sandy beaches, so is it famous for its volcanoes. And what better place to see these volcanoes than at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park! Comprising of two of the most active volcanoes in the world and offering insight into the life and culture of this unique set of islands, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is one of the most sought after attractions on the islands.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is open twenty-four hours a day and every day, and has a whole range of exciting activities planned every day at its many attraction sites. The Kilauea visiting centre has information about the park and also shows a movie throughout the day about the park. The Jaggar Museum at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a museum on volcanology and also has some spectacular views of the summit. There is also camping allowed in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for free, and only an entrance fee to the park is charged. Although the park is open all year round it is important to do your own research into the place before visiting to find out more about when certain places are open or not. Also finding information about hiking trials at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is easy as all the information is available online. It is important to know the safety tips when hiking in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as it is a site of two active volcanoes and the risk of an eruption is constantly present. Therefore always stay on the marked trails, take and drink plenty of water and wear the appropriate clothing and shoes. Also be careful when walking near thin or cracked surfaces.

Visitors to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park don’t have to go far to find places to stay when they visit the park. There are many places within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that offer comfortable and luxurious lodging for a fair price. There is the Volcano House that dates back to 1846, which has offered both locals and tourists and ideal and cozy place to stay. The Volcano house has 42 rooms, a gift shop, a dining room, lounge and a snack bar. There are also ten camper cabins run by Volcano House within the premises of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that are available for lodging.

All in all, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a must see for all those planning a trip to the beautiful isles of Hawaii!

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