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It is situated in the central Pacific Ocean, it is the ultimate holiday destination for many people around the world, it is filled with natural beauty of majestic mountains and glamorous beaches and it is the beautiful islands of Aloha.

Hawaii is well known for its greenery surrounded with amazing beaches. With 132 islands stretching across almost 2500km’s Hawaii is one of the most pictures islands in the whole world. Still volcanically active this unique beauty holder consists of remarkable rainfall differences between small distances. Comfortable temperatures and humidity makes it perfect for a long holiday stay.

There are only two seasons in the island namely wet and rainy season and the dry season. In the rainy season it is mostly a vigorous variation of rain simply because of the fact that almost all the different climate zones do get together in Hawaii.

Kanaka Maoli’s are the native people living in Hawaiian Islands. The traditional Hawaiian language is named as Olelo Hawai` and is still in existence. Many other popular languages other than English is also spoken such as Japanese, Spanish and Chinese.

Hawaii was taken over by the Europeans in 1778 ending their well organized and pretty much self sufficient life style. But it was USA who has treated Hawaii most unfairly. In 1959 United States has forcefully taken over Hawaii as their 50th state and till now it remains as one. But recently the US government has decided to give all its glory and the respect to the native people of Hawaii and the original owners of it.

Home to the United States current president Barack Obama Hwaii has its bit of share to do with United States history. “You can’t really understand Barack until you understand Hawaii.” said by Michelle Obama making it clear that whatever qualities he built in him for the whole of US to appoint him as the president were made in Hawaii.

The hospitality is one aspect they cherish on. Almost every visitor to Hawaii would get touched with the way they were treated.

Oahu is one major island in Hawaii which has many landmarks and history regarding kings. Also the famous Waikiki beach belongs to Oahu. Kaua is another island which gives an insight to the ancient history of Hawaii. Molokai on the other hand is famous for its Hawaiian dancing. In Hawaii’s big island you will get to see the Merrie Monarch Festival. Lanai could be reckoned as the smallest island of Hawaii with very friendly group of people.

With all the variety in almost every island it is almost guaranteed that you will have the best holiday in Hawaii and the most relaxing one as well. If you are in search of more information about Hawaii there are plenty on the internet. After all it is worthwhile getting to know such a charming place like Hawaii.

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