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Dollar Rent A car is one of the youngest car rental companies in the world, and although they started a little later than most that doesn’t mean to say that they’re not successful. One of the largest companies in the world became very interested in the company.

Thanks to a number of very favourable relationships and business dealings Dollar Rent a Car is one of the fastest growing car rental companies in the world! In America and Canada alone there are 350 Dollar Rent A Car offices, there are another 650 located in various countries all around the world. These are a young, hip company that provide the very best service.


The company itself was founded in 1965 in LA, the corporate offices are still located in Los Angeles. Although this seems like the business has been running for quite some time, Avis had actually been going for around 20 years before they ever started up.

Dollar Rent a Car managed to break into the market using their very own marketing techniques and level of service. This made the cars popular with more than just business people, they quickly became very popular with holiday makers from all around the world. They have since benefited from the success that many international car rental companies have experienced. This has made them one of the most well known car rental companies in America.


In 1990 Chrysler came up with the idea of the Pentastar Group, this would become a network of car rental companies. The idea was that by allowing people the opportunity to rent their cars when they wanted to buy they would be more likely to because they had hopefully had a good experience with them. This was a really good idea, and to facilitate this dream the Pentastar Group brought out three car companies, Thrifty Car Rental, General Car Rental, and Dollar Car Rental.

Thrifty was a very well established brand name on the scene and so the brand name was left as such, General changed names, however Dollar Car Rental was also left with it’s current name as they were also seen as a very popular car rental company. The General Car Rental offices either changed names, or were merged with one of the other existing offices in that area.

Thanks to this merger Dollar Rent a Car is one of the biggest car rental companies located in the world that only supplies Chrysler cars. This is a marketing effort on Chrysler’s behalf and it has proved to be extremely successful. It is working and succeeding time and time again! Just because Dollar Rent a Car is now part of Chrysler’s marketing campaigns it doesn’t mean that they aren’t still a great car hire company. In fact perhaps they are even better because Chrysler certanly don’t want anyone to have a bad experience!

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