Golf Equipment For Your Scotland Golf Tour: Ping G10 Driver Evaluation

I have played golf all over the world, however, time and time again I find myself rebooking a Scotland golf tour. Standing on a barren tee that looks out on the sea is a stimulating happening that will bring out the very best in any golfer. If you are thinking about increasing your game, pay attention to your clubs first. Upgrading a club or two could make all the difference in your score. Here is my view on a terrific club from Ping, the G10 driver.

Scotland Golf Tour – Distinct Make-up of Ping G10 Driver

 This is the most up-to-date offering in the well-known G series. The G10 has a lot of important upgrades that have been designed with the assist of a Cray supercomputer, the swiftest in the world. According to Wikipedia:

 Supercomputers are used for extremely calculation-intensive tasks such as things linked to quantum physics, weather forecasting, climate research, molecular modelling (calculating the structures as well as properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules, polymers, and crystals), physical reproductions (like recreations of airplanes inside wind tunnels, recreation of the blasting of nuclear weapons, and exploration into nuclear fusion).

 Nuclear weaponry and quantum physics? Certainly, the Cray must have done an amazing job on a not-very-lowly Ping driver! But I digress…here’s more.

 Scotland Golf TourAdditional Facts regarding the Ping G10 Driver

 Extending optimised crown, sole and face interaction this special driver extends incomparable force to the ball. If you select the model that has interior weight, it will lower the club’s centre of gravity, which subsequently cuts down on spin and increases distance. The club’s patented changeable face thickness is an incredibly quick-response impact surface that gives great ball velocity and incredible uniformity across the entire face. Unpleased with just innovative technical make-up, the engineers at Ping in addition tested and polished the club with the assist of a group of advanced golfers. The outcome? Most select energy transfer that perfectly turns the golfer’s physical power into driving distance.

 Scotland Golf TourConclusion on the Ping G10

 I believe myself to be an intermediary level golfer and this driver goes a long way toward increasing my game. The bigger head size, specifically, extends to me amazing results off the tee plus after the ball bounces. In tests, this club drove more than 250 yards off the tee. Incredible! Coalesce with that the G10′s excellent forgiveness and versatility and you’ll surely be using it frequently.

 To get the most out of your Scotland golf tour, be certain to get a Ping G10 driver.

 The Ping G10 will surely optimise your game whilst on your Scotland golf tour. To book a tour, please visit

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