Going Reef Surfing for Adventures

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You love to surf. You’ve always been into it since the time you had your first surfboard, a 21st birthday gift from your brother. The major concern you have is that you are only able to enjoy surfing when you’re in Hawaii on a vacation or when you are in the Philippines then you can go to Siargao.

Then your local government unit has come up with ways to save the ocean, the marine life that thrives in it, and put some artificial reefs to encourage fish and other marine creatures to populate the place. It would surprise you that these artificial reefs work as a breakwater resulting to having surfable waves. This is the right time you found out how to reef surf.

It’s actually the same as natural surfing only that people reef surf on waves that are produced by the reefs that surround the whole area. No matter if it is made of natural or artificial means, what matters most is that the waves are like manna from heaven to these surf reef addicts.

You have to know though that reef surf is more dangerous and challenging than surfing the natural waves of the ocean. Reefs that are naturally formed have spikes and they are rock solid which means that falling off the surf board is not that good. If falling cannot be prevented, make sure that you’re wearing a helmet. You sure don’t want a head cut or a concussion while doing it, right? Or your dignity might have been crushed after a fall which can be easily prevented if you were modest enough not to show off your skills.

Never forget that reef surfing is a dangerous and challenging adventure but safety must be first priority when you go into the water in the intention of riding huge waves. Always keep safe. Through this you will be able to experience the joys in surfing having more confidence and full of excitement. When you know that you have the right gear, doing the right moves, and through this, you are aware that you are not in harm’s way.

Popular beaches around the world that offer reef surfing adventures include the El Segundo, California beach, the Cable Beach in Perth, and a beach in Boscombe, UK which is believed to have 30% bigger waves and known to double the surfing adventures in UK yearly.

This means a celebration for the surfers since they can be in the US, the South Pacific, or the UK and they can still reef surf whenever they want.

When you find yourself in the Philippines, you can always go to Siargao. Have fun surfing then!


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