Going Green Reminds Me of Tulum !

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Everywhere you turn nowadays, someone or something is telling you to definitely Go Green!  In the past, going green meant with envy, but these days people have gotten hip to the fact our environment is in trouble but it’s on us to assist ensure it is a better place.

Now, I’m no Greenpeace Activist, but I do my part.  I recycle.  I turn off lights.  I even got those unsightly spiral illumination bulbs for our lamps in my house.  For many people, these minor life adjustments are enough.  For people who desire to do more, there are surprisingly many things they could do to lessen their carbon footprint in the world.

Ever consider going green on your vacation?  A short time ago, I visited Tulum, a tiny beach town approximately 90 minutes south of Cancun.  While the jungle makes up greater than 90 % of the location, it’s not exactly the green I’m talking about.  For years, Tulum has been the host to a growing variety of eco-friendly resorts.  These Tulum hotels manage nearly completely on wind and solar power however many do retain gas or diesel driven back-up generators just in case.  Many of the eco resorts do use wind and solar to make the majority of their power needs.

In Tulum, these eco-cabana resorts line the perfect seashores leading into Sian Ka’an Biosphere, a 1.3-million-acre nature reserve stretching the length of the Caribbean coast.  These resorts offer a variety from rustic cabanas situated on the beach to well-appointed adobe-style rooms.  Smaller in comparison to the major resorts in Cancun nevertheless, the majority of do not lack in services.  Several resorts like Playa Azul and Los Lirios Cabana Resort along with the super luxurious Blue Tulum Hotel offer full health spa services from beach-side massages to body therapies by means of natural Mayan skincare products.  Nearly all of them have restaurants that serve up delicious, epicurean food well into the evening.  The variety of choices was a nice surprise!

My original vacation to an eco-friendly resort was a couple of years ago in Tulum.  I’m no camper, by any means, therefore when I read the brief list of effects to take, my stress level went up a notch upon seeing flashlight as one of the must-haves.  

A flashlight? I thought.  What’s up with the electricity?  There’s none later than 11pm, that’s what!  Immediately, some people would by no means even consider staying in a place that doesn’t have full electrical power running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  But, I was desperate for a escape.  I figured I’d go to see what this whole eco-resort thing was all about.

It was 2006 and my first occasion in Tulum.  I’ve been back 3 times since!  My experience was spectacular.  Being by the seaside takes care of the fear that it’s going to be very hot in the room lacking A/C.  The lights being turned off later than 11pm wasn’t a problem at all.  I had my flashlight, but there were also Tiki torches lighting up the entire property, so yeah, electrical energy wasn’t sorely missed at all.  On the whole, my first endeavor into eco-tourism was no different than every other holiday I’d had in the past.

I ought to note that a few of the  eco resorts in Tulum do possess round the clock electrical power, although you must definitely make sure those particulars ahead of departure if that is a priority for you.

The need to be green has reached way ahead of the Greenpeace set.  Think about it and contemplate doing greater than your part.

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