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 Autumn is always the best time to sort through your equestrian apparel, horse clothing, riding boots and riding equipment to check for damage, to see what needs to be cleaned, and to create a shopping list ï»¿ of necessities and fun new riding clothing. New peroducts are just arriving, making this the best possible time to put that shopping list and those organizational skills to use. Your equestrian apparel serves many functions and needs to be in the best possible condition to work properly. Riding equipment, tack, and horse clothing fall into the same category. Broken buckles, worn straps, and ill-fitting apparel must be replaced, enabling you to look, feel, and perform at your very best.

The lined or fleeced horse riding breeches  that served you well through the cold winter months are now too heavy to be safe or functional for intensive training or on long trail rides. Safety and comfort are paramount any time you are riding. You can ensure that you have the necessary freedom of movement while maintaining close contact with your horse and still look sleek and stylish with this year’s latest styles. Difference Between Spring And Winter Riding

Winter means wearing  lots of layers , heavy jackets, lined gloves and boots, thick socks, turtleneck shirts and sweaters, and heavy horse riding breeches. As spring approaches, that wardrobe is no longer safe or functional. You can get overheated and you do not have the range of motion needed for more strenuous training sessions.

Riding in the spring frequently means longer rides, so comfort becomes more of an issue. While gloves are still needed, you don’t want the bulky linings that were necessary during winter. Lighter weight apparel, more suited to spring and summer, provide you with attractive fluidity of movement, especially with all the beautiful new styles that have just arrived. Your horse will appreciate a lighter weight blanket or stable sheet as well.

Look For New Spring Riding Clothing Arrivals

Nearly all of the major equestrian apparel designers ï»¿ have released their latest styles of clothing, boots, show coats, and horse clothing. Instead of making do with worn-out or ill-fitting equestrian apparel, you can take advantage of the latest spring sales on riding apparel and  get some deals ï»¿.

Horse riding breeches now come in new materials and styles that take advantage of the latest in textile research, providing riders with improved breathability, increased comfort, and elegant details that will make you stand out from the crowd in and out of the show ring. Of course, the real purpose of well-designed breeches and jodhpurs is to protect your legs while maintaining clear communication between horse and rider. This year’s breeches look and function better than ever.

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