For a fun fill family weekend away Busselton Western Australia is a great Choice

Places like Perth, Sydney and Canberra dominate the Australian tourist scene for now, but upcoming towns are giving them some competition. Perhaps a place like Busselton continues to grow in popularity with tourists and newly established locals because it is not the city and retains some country charm. Still, here in Geographe Bay people are catching on to the many benefits of these calm waters and a relatively peaceful lifestyle.

Here on Geographe Bay, beef and dairy cattle, sheep and crops reigned supreme for many decades beginning early in the nineteenth century. Slowly, tourism has seen a growing demand for accommodation, restaurants and facilities. Though these and housing constructions continue to appear, wilderness remains for the interest of naturalists looking to enjoy some native bird life. Get an idea of what Australians mean by the bush at Ambergate Reserve. Wonnerup Wetland may leave you understanding why this area was so fertile for farmers.

Development should not deter from your enjoyment of the area one jot since these and so many other parts of Busselton were added for the happiness of visitors. A lot of wild places remain near calm waters frequented by local fishermen and visiting admirers of the sea.

Should their skill seem an easy one to emulate, book a fishing charter. It could quickly become clear that there is more to fishing than just dropping a line. For other water activities try scuba diving or catch a wave. This area is considered one of the best in Western Australia for surfing. The jetty, at nearly 2 kms in length, has ample room for visitors to just take a brisk walk, stop and admire the view, or learn more at a visitor center. There are two on the jetty. Drop several meters below the surface (deep end) for a good look at aquatic life. Get closer to land with some historical information at the interpretive center. More than three hundred species make this stretch of water their home.

When choosing Busselton accommodation stay at a chalet, villa, caravan park, hotel or motel. Choose whatever meets your budget and need for space, especially when traveling with a large family. Opt for luxury or basics. If your accommodation boasts little in the way of amenities, plenty of fun awaits your party outside the front door (or gate).

Being a town, what appeals to the locals is also great for tourists. Stop in at the recreation center. Here you will find a gym, two pools, spa, steam room and courts for racquet sports. Elsewhere in Busselton are tennis and squash courts open to the public, as are golfing opportunities of either eighteen holes or a more family oriented game.

Australia may be young compared to European countries, but it still has a history visitors might want to learn about. This history helps fill in more of the picture started with tours of natural scenery by sea, bush, forest or wetlands. Why did people come in the first place? To farm would seem to be the answer judging by the century-and-a-half old buildings tourists can visit. These showcase antique farm and kitchen equipment, old furniture, even very old photos from the early years of this medium. Get a glimpse of school or court life. Visit the oldest stone church in Western Australia, St. Marys. A walk along the Heritage Trail will show you that, as always, Aboriginal people came first. Visit their interpretive garden while also viewing historical and contemporary sculpture.

Move from the art of sculpture to other kinds. Artists run studios and galleries displaying floral, photographic art and other media such as furnishings. Transfer your sensory exploration from the visual to smell and taste with a tour of Margaret River Region wineries. These boutique establishments produce only a fraction of Australian wine but what they make is good quality stuff and nothing less.

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