Flinders Ranges Mining Dugouts Turns into an Underground Accommodations

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Underground accommodation might seem impossible or even unimaginable but the occupants of Coober Pedy prove that it is indeed possible. Coober Pedy is one of the town of Flinders Ranges. It is a dessert which is 846 kilometers north of the capital city of South Australia. The town has many titles, it’s identified as the opal capital and an underground town. Originally, underground excavation wasn’t carried out for building up dwellings underneath. It initiated for the purpose of opal mining in 1951since Opal mining was the major Flinders Ranges attraction.Many earlier opal miners started rooting underground in search for the preciousstones. Underground dugouts were expanding and the miners had thought of living underground.

Living underground occurred to the earlier miners for job convenience and to get away the town’s very hot climate. Coober Pedy is one of the hottest place in the world. It reaches up to 45 degrees celsius especially in the months of March and November. Thus, locals resort to burrowing, they are cooling themselves underground, making the most of the 25 degrees temperature. Though the area’s weather seemed inhospitable to tourists, the locals made an effort to warmly welcome visitors to their town. There have been museums, hotels, dormitories, shops and churches that are built underground. Underground accommodations have been established to keep a most exceptional impression to vacationers among any other Flinders Ranges accommodations.

There are six underground accommodations such as hotels, motels and dormitories that can be found everywhere in the city. There are two accommodations found in Potch Gully Road known as Underground Bed and Breakfast and Comfort Inn Coober Pedy Experience. Underground Bed and Breakfast is a completely furnished dwelling having three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also has a large kitchen and dining room wherein lodger can cook and eat continental foods. Another accommodation found in the street is Comfort Inn Coober Pedy Experience. It’s a motel which features a room for a whole family. The room has a queen size and single beds. Guests have also access to lounge area and dining room. Situated in edge of the town is The Underground Motel in Catacomb Road. The motel offers standard rooms that could cater to a whole family. The motel is a non-smoking place where guests can relax well for of its tranquil surrounding.In the biggest Hutchison Street, one will find The Opal Cave that provides a dormitory style of accommodation. The lodging includes an opal showroom, 4 large bunks per room, cooking facilities, tea and coffee , television loughe, barbeque place and fridge. In four kilometers south of Coober Ped lies Down to Erth B&B in Wedgetail Crescent. It is a fully furnished apartment with two large bedrooms. The lodging has a swimming pool and a barbeque facility. They also serve continental breakfast. In the heart of Coober Pedy is Oliver Street, one will find Radeka Downunder that offers  3.5 meters  underground motel rooms and 6.5 meters underground  dormitory rooms.

Among Flinders Ranges accommodation, underground accommodation may seem less likely but tourists find  it comfortable and remarkable. These accommodations  are not just providing lodgers the relaxing bed to sleep on   and table to eat with but also lets visitors go through the life of the locals in dugouts.

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