Five Noticable Features Of A Brilliant Hotel

Finding a top Kings Cross hotel is an extremely difficult task. There are hotels near St Pancras that flatter to deceive, looking not so nice on the inside. Similarly there are hotels that don’t look so great from the outside, but are lovely on the inside. Thus the argument – never judge a book by its cover! With the recent economic downturn, less and less people now travel for fun. Similarly even business travel has been cut to a minimum to save money. It is no wonder hotels are constantly competing with the larger hotel groups for filling bed space. If you are looking for hotels Kings Cross, how do you pick the diamonds from the rough? It’s not always about cost. A 50 pounds a night hotel in one area may be tonnes better than a 50 in a popular area, simply because that area is in demand. So in a big place like London, how do you come to your decision?

The first thing to do is check out the facilities. Most hotels will have their own websites you can check this on, although treat the descriptions with caution. As a bare minimum, try and find a hotel with an en-suite and tea and coffee making facilities. Back in the day hotels would have one shared bathroom. Luckily, these days you should definitely expect the privacy of your own bathroom. Tea and coffee making facilities should normally be on offer. The smaller amenities such as a trouser press are worth missing out on for the larger ones. Do you really need a trouser press or mini bar? Don’t forget as well, you can normally expect to pay an arm and a leg for a chocolate bar! A bottle of water can end up costing more than a decent bottle of wine.

The bigger facilities are important if you are staying a while. If you are just stopping over night, there is nothing to stop you sampling the cuisine at a local restaurant. However for longer stays a hotel with its own restaurant might be worth considering for convenience and cost. The need for a bar generally comes down to the individual! If you stay is for work purposes, you are most likely going to want to hit the sack after a long day! However, should the purpose of your travel be for pleasure, you really need to unwind at the bar!

Always read up on the hotels. The local tourist board should be able to help. It is much quicker though, to jump onto Google and type the hotel name in! You should find the hotel on plenty of review sites. Take the reviews with a pinch of salt though. Some people’s reviews reflect the fact they are impossible to please. For 50 pounds they are probably expecting a 500 pound service. Similarly some people are too easily pleased and shy away from saying what they really think. I have always found the best reviews are the long detailed ones that review every aspect of the visit from start to finish. The more detailed review normally helps you suss out how fair the review writer is being.

You could always ring the hotel reception before making your reservation. If you find the staff are polite and courteous, then I’d jump at that hotel. Avoid any hotel where the staff aren’t up to scratch. Ask them about the local area, the rooms and facilities.

All in all, after some research you should be able to pick out the best hotel.Bear in mind though, in places like London events can dictate availability and you may find during peak times the hotel unavailable. To avoid disappointment, book in advance. Whatever hotel you choose, do enjoy your stay and make sure to leave a fair review on one of the many review websites to help others who will be in the same situation as you are now.

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