Finding The Most Common Selections Of Cut Flowers At Lawton OK Flower Shops

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Though Lawton OK flower shops offer thousands of different options when it comes to floral arrangements, some flowers just do better than others overall. For the most part the top sellers are some of the most popular and universally recognized around. The same options seem to sell the best year after year, no matter where the flower shop selling them is located; they are just the favorite choices. If you aren’t certain what to buy someone sticking with one of these top choices is probably a pretty good idea.

Just as it has been for as long as most living people can remember, the rose remains the number one selling flower in the world. Most often the selected shade for these favorites is the deep blood red that they are known for. There are over 100 different breeds of the perennial rose. Roses are most typically known for their scent and their appearance. You will often run across perfumes and room sprays that are formulated to smell like fresh cut rose stems. There are some more possible medical implications for this flower that include treatment for stomach trouble, though very few people know about them. There are also current studies to determine whether or not roses have an ingredient that could potentially fight cancer.

Another standard selection that Lawton OK flower shops get requests for is the tulip. Though the Dutch version of this perennial bulb flower is the most sold, over 109 known species exist today. Though we see them as being associated with the Dutch they really originated in Asia. These flowers are most fresh, beautiful, and in bloom during the late spring and early summer. Today, they are most often sent to the US and other locations from the Netherlands.

Another flower that is just as big with floral shoppers as it is with those who nurture their own floristry at home is the Gebera Daisy. Gerberas are very similar to the sunflower in many ways and are coincidentally part of this class. There are still several different varities of Gerbera growing in the wild. There are over 30 different species of Gerberas, sometimes called Gerbers that are known to survive. They are very common in home gardens but they are also the 5th most commonly bought cut flower through florists everywhere.

If you still are not sure just what sort of flower you want to buy remember than other popular options like the carnation are great as well. All of these flowers make beautiful selections when it comes to purchasing impressive flower arrangements from one of the many popular Lawton OK flower shops. You can now utilize this information to help you select the most perfect flower for your loved one the next time you go looking for a fabulous bouquet.

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