Finding the Best Beach Metal Detectors for Advanced Users

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Any advanced metal detector is always a great buy.  Provided it’s not your first one, you’ll know you’re about to hit the big leagues and possess a detector that you’ll be glad to show off to other enthusiasts. While you are on this step, don’t let its price tags which are oftentimes high discourage you. There are features on these beach metal detectors which make them well worth the money and that make them something to look forward to for those who have grown to be experienced and adept at finding treasure beneath the surface of the ground.

An advanced metal detector will normally have various detection modes. If you’ve been at it for a while, you should already know what modes you select where. Generally speaking, VLF metal detectors do a great job of picking out treasure in ground that is highly mineralized. If you intend to work more in the water, then you should get a PI detector. These offer better results for scanning underneath the waves. They detect to a greater depth and that can be useful in underwater areas, where nearly anything made of metal is of great interest.

You might want to upgrade to a metal detector that has more sophisticated features in reading and determining. Many of them can be huge time-savers in that they avoid your having to investigate every promising signal you get. Some of them are advanced enough that they can provide information about the approximate size of the metal and how deeply it’s buried. This might be the difference between digging up a box of treasure and digging up a vintage coffee can full of rusty nails, so give such features serious consideration when you decide to upgrade.

If you’re likely to be taking your metal detector to the beach, you’ll need to make sure that it’s waterproof, not water resistant. Water resistant might be good enough for cheaper models, but if you have large sums of money in your hands you want to make sure it’s not at risk. At the very least, the coil box should be waterproof on models used at the beach. You would have to wipe off and clean the metal detector when you use it in a place where there is an abundance of salt water. The salt may cause corrosion to the device, and expensive metal detectors need to be maintained, cleaned and cared for properly in every other way to provide great results.


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