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This holiday season, competition between airlines will dictate the going rate of your flight ticket. Travel columnist Tom Belden recently discussed how one Philadelphia-Boston business traveler was shocked to see US Airways offering a basic round-trip coach ticket costing $1,115 for the 281-mile route, even if he purchased two months in advance! To find a better way, this passenger considered driving or taking the train from Philly to Newark, New Jersey, where he could hop aboard a $270 US Airways flight to Boston, which ironically connected through Philadelphia. “Think about the irony,” Belden writes. “The travelers on US Airways could wind up on the Philadelphia-Boston leg of the trip sitting next to someone who got on in Philadelphia and paid five times as much.” Since Delta pulled its Philadelphia-Boston route in August, there is no competition among carriers, Belden argues. To sort through this madness, many holiday travelers will visit, a website full of researched flight deals.

FareCompare is a new website geared toward helping you find the best flight deal, and each day processes feeds from over 500 airlines and more than 270,000 city pairs worldwide. You’ll even see fares from carriers like Jet Blue or Southwest, which typically don’t share their deals with aggregator websites. Their high-tech software delivers fast results for an enjoyable shopping experience. On this website, you can find cut-rate tickets for domestic and international travel, discounted first class flight ticket deals and expert insider travel advice. In addition to finding great deals on flights, you will also find up-to-date information on cheap hotel rooms too.

One of the most popular features at FareCompare is the “Best Time To Buy” tab. If you’re looking for a flight ticket and your departure/return dates are somewhat flexible, you can save yourself as little as $20 or as much as hundreds. The unique thing about this website’s search is that you receive real-time information right away. For instance, you enter your departure city and your arrival city. Then, when you click on the departure date, a calendar will pop up telling you when the cheapest and most expensive flight fares are offered, so you can pick a date accordingly. The same calendar option comes up for your return date as well.

Many travelers come to the site not only to find a great flight ticket, but also to read founder Rick Seaney’s insightful FareCompare Labs Blog, which is a culmination of hours of research. Here you’ll find the latest statistics on lost luggage and airplane on-time performance, weather travel advisories and airfare mistakes. You can read about cheap travel deals and airfare sales, travel safety advice, money-saving tips and tricks, frequent flier updates and more! Under Blog Roll, if you click on “Holiday Travel,” you can access FareCompare’s 2009 Holiday Travel Guide, which gives you fare calendars to find the cheapest flights, as well as a number of great tips on flying cheaper. These blogs can also be followed at Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook social networking sites.

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