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Whether you are planning a trip to Germany for business or pleasure you are sure to enjoy the picturesque castles, gardens and older buildings, as well as an occasional beer and brat.  The four major airports in Germany are Bremen, Nuremburg, Berlin Brandenburg and Berlin International.

There are smaller airports throughout Germany, but for International flights, you will likely use only the major airports. The busiest times for flights to Germany will be between May and October.  This is because the weather is nicest during this time of year.  The outdoor festivals are a major attraction during these times. 

Some of the major cities to visit in Germany are Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfort and Munich.  To find cheap flights to Germany, you need to search the Internet.  

You can check several different travel websites to compare airfares.  Look at,, and  You can compare the rates from each of these websites.

You can also book hotels, cars and other travel needs also. There may be cheap flights to Germany at off season times, if you want to save money and have scheduling flexibility. If you purchase your tickets in advance and online you will save quite a bit of money also.

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