Facts About Pens And Their Eventual Modern Designs

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The early part of history on this planet found the cave dweller busy out in the wooded areas looking for berries. Perhaps he would find enough to have a satisfying meal. After eating the berries there was usually enough messy berry juice around and when one would put their finger in the juice, they found they could create images of things on the walls. They were able to start leaving part of their history behind for all of us to study. These fingers could have been some of our first pens.

Bamboo was available in most Asian countries, so it would be only natural for those from the Asiatic countries to eventually find that the sharp end of bamboo dipped in some type of liquid would produce markings. The monks of European countries found that goose quills were ideal for creating their texts and doing their artwork.

The ink used in pens was fine for writing and drawing and other things but there was a need for the pen to have some kind of an ink holder built in. It was accomplished in the nineteenth century and someone finally invented a pen that had its own ink reservoir.

Styles of pens and their tips may be gel or felt and might be used in our everyday crafts. They are much needed tools in our everyday life. Even with the computer and various other technologies around for our use, we still need the pen and pencil and the paper to write on. There are many different styles of leaving marks on paper with one of the most beautiful being calligraphy and there are many more.

Many folks who use an ordinary pen and pencils for daily work still pick up a fountain pen to write things most often sent to others or kept for posterity. For some reason, writing with the fountain type pen makes one slow down enough to be able to create the flowery words, twisting and curling across a page. The same effect is not often found using a ball point pen, which have a little roller ball suspended inside of the barrel.

Colors of ink can be found in a great variety, in every shade imaginable. Those unfortunate enough to have hand or finger issues may be benefited by using a too-skinny pen with padded little tubes squished onto them. Most folks only use their writing skills for simple lists or letter writing to friends and family with no computer. Of course, in the office setting pens are found in abundance, usually in blue, black or red.

The yellow highlighter pen has expanded its horizons by making itself available in other colors now as well. As long as the print can be seen through the ink, it can be used to mark special passages in books and on papers.

Scrapbook enthusiasts often make use of colorful pens to add definition or interest to their pages of photographs stuck to the pages of their scrapbook. These pens need to have special no-acid types of ink that will not harm the pictures and will last. This writing instrument of today has been commemorated in a far east country by a tall building made in the shape of a pen.

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