Experience The Bullfights And Taste The Sangria.

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The demise of General Franco opened the country of Spain to a world. Soon a booming European vacation industry brought the world to Spain to admire its history and way of life. From the bullfights, flamenco music and lots of sangria it all speaks about Spain. You’ll also discover that the nation of Spain is endowed with a vibrant history and superb culture. Visitors love the velvety white beaches and days spent under the sunshine. Of course visitors arrive in Spain to experience the bullfights and taste the sangria.

Every Spanish town revels its personal brand of buildings. Barcelona has more of these historic structures than any other area of Spain. Barcelona is an Antonio Gaudi architectural wonderland. In Santiago de Compostela there is one outstanding architectural example is The Hostel Dos Reis Catolicos. This building is believed to be the world’s oldest hotel. This distinct Moroccan style hotel is located in the far south of Spain.

Borrowing the Scottish bagpipes as instrument of choice, you can visit the north of Spain for a Celtic climate experience. The Spanish have an emotional love affair with their fine museums and galleries. In these institutions you’ll discover works by Dali, and the genius of Picasso. Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia attracts more than two million visitors a year in Barcelona. This is Anontio Gaudi’s celebrated masterpiece. He began to build his famous cathedral designed for the poor and indigent in about 1880, and to date this is not expected to be completed before 2020.

A car rental will allow you the freedom to visit the numerous attractions around Madrid and especially Madrid’s The Plaza Major, the Spanish capital’s most historic landmark. Madrid’s old town square is the perfect place to sit and drink your coffee, and absorb some local life. Vacationers congregate daily to absorb the atmosphere and converse. During former times Spanish kings have been crowned in this square. Later this square hosted the inquisition trails. Across the decades events such as bullfighting took prominence as they were staged in The Plaza Major.

Northern European sun seekers arrive along the Mediterranean coast an in particular eth Costa del Sol. The Canary Islands belong to Spain and makes an ideal beach holiday. They’re located off the west coast of Morocco. These islands were created from hundreds of years of volcanic activity. The rich dark soil offer a kind of plant life that thrives while providing a safe refuge for the indigenous wildlife.

The golden sand presents in stark contract to the black volcanic rock in the district. These islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean with prevailing cool breezes maintain the area at a comfy climate. He opposite coast sees the Balearic Islands with luxurious Spanish villas waiting for the holidaymaker. For vacationers looking for a peaceful holiday there is service by air or ferry

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