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Mystery, romance, history and time are some of the terms frequently attached to the famous land of Egypt. Millions of visitors have traveled to this land of pharaohs and lush beauty in order to explore its many historic sites and ancient remains. Egypt, however, is a modern land with major cities, millions of inhabitants and the traditional “hustle and bustle” of everyday life.

Interestingly, that is no longer the most common reason for an Egypt tour package. nowadays, more travellers come to partake of Egypt’s many beaches and coastal areas, generally located around the Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea areas.

It is here that they can enjoy some of the world’s finest deep sea diving, brilliant sandy beaches and luxurious hotels . While most people on a vacation in Egypt are enjoying their time at the beach, statistics point that most will also make a point of taking an excursion, side or day trip to at least one historic area of site.

For many, rubber-necking means a trip to St. Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of the famous Mount Sinai. It is the oldest continuously functioning Christian monastery in the world, and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sinai Peninsula is home to many other religious sites, and these too are frequently visited by vacationers.

Many others find it quite simple to arrange a trip to Cairo, Luxor or Aswan in order to experience some of the historic sites in those areas as well.

An Egypt tour package means an enormous variety of choices. Travelers can head to the many beaches, or they can visit the historic areas all along the length of the Nile. Vacationers can choose to stay at comprehensive resorts, which can include all of their meals, activities and transportation.

Remember that though sightseeing is the charm of Egypt, there are many things to do beyond historical tours. There are also sports, such as golfing and scuba diving, and many luxury beaches that you can relax on.

The key to an enjoyable Egyptian tour package is to pick out the goal of the journey. It is completely possible to sit back and relax beside glimmering waters, and to see some historic sights, but it is equally possible to dedicate the trip only to one of those two activities. It is critical to know the purpose of the trip before making the travel arrangements.

Finally, it is crucial to any journey to Egypt that the traveler knows of any visa requirements they may be expected to meet.

The majority of vacationers to the country will arrive through traditional commercial airports, and can usually acquire their visa upon arrival. These are generally “tourist” visas and actually permit a stay of up to three months. The visas usually also permit free movement in the Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea Coast resort areas as well.


  8 Days: Egypt Holiday Tour
The Egypt Holiday Tour is an ideal solution for someone who has never before seen this ancient land. It takes them on an eight-day exploration of some of the most famous and notable sites. Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and a Nile Cruise.

5 Days: Cairo Luxor Tour
The Classical Cairo Luxor Tour is a five day experience that introduces visitors to some of the most famous historic sites in the region.

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