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If dinosaurs are your thing, then there are all kinds of places you can travel to to learn more about these prehistoric creatures. No matter your age, there are some fascinating dinosaur attractions around, and if you book ahead you can always find cheap hotels.

You don’t have to venture far from your front door to find some of the world’s best dinosaur remains. The Isle of Wight is home to the scientifically-exciting Lower Sutton farm where a number of remains and fossils have been discovered. In 1992 they even uncovered a large section of a brachiosaurus here, one of the best specimans of its kind, and visitors can come here to view these fossils and bones.

It’s a great place for education and discovery, with an on-site laboratory and there are also dinosaur experts present to discuss the preparation and recovery of fossils, and to answer any questions. There is also a gift shop where kids can find their favourite dinosaurs in the form of toys! Plus you’ll find a range of good hotels nearby.

At the Changzhou Dinosaur Park in China there is a museum which is as scientific as it is fun, and a great place for children. Throughout the park, there are enormous sculptures of dinosaurs and statues, as well as cavemen and pirates. There are fossils in the museum which are good for educating children in an interesting way. In the summer months, the heat is manageable due the water park being open and it’s a place where you can cool off.

Queensland, in Australia, has plenty to offer visitors, but if you’re a real fan of dinosaurs and fossil hunting, this is the place to do it. The Australian outback is rich in fossils, and if you obtain a fossicker’s licence you can do so at your leisure! There are plenty of good in Brisbane, such as the Skyline Court Apartments, so you can base yourself there and then travel out to forage for fossils. Who know what you might find?

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