Cruising With Or Without Children

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You’ve been putting in extra hours at the office. You’ve earned yourself a nice little break. Does any of this sound familiar? After all that time dealing with the stresses and pressure of your job a nice relaxing cruise could be just what you need. Imagine the setting: you’re lying on a sun lounger on the deck of your cruise ship, in your hand is a fruity drink with colorful little umbrella in it, the cruise ship stops at port occasionally and you are free to explore the beauty and culture of the cities you are visiting. You will struggle to find a nicer way of enjoying good food and drink as well as many exotic locations.

Now, don’t call me a party pooper but it is time to blend some reality into your perfect cruise dream. The dream you’ve built can quickly come crashing down around your ears as a result of a pool full of screaming splashing children whilst your trying to read a book and catch some sun. Or even worse, a deck full of screaming children barging around after each other where relaxing has taken a backseat to not falling overboard. When splashing children or terrible teens strike your vision of a nice quiet cruise can seem like little more than wishful thinking.

Many parents will agree with me when I say that children and a quiet vacation are nearly always mutually exclusive. If you are blessed with children then you know how draining a vacation with your blessings can be. If you aren’t lucky enough to be blessed with your own children you may see how draining it is on your friends who vacation with their kids. Being the Sheppard for a flock of pre-teens is one of the things that can really put a downer on your ideal cruising vacation.

But by no means should you cross a cruise off your list of possible vacation ideas. Searching for a cruise alternative is the best way of making your dream cruise happen sans screaming children.

First on your list should be looking for a cruise provider that does not offer children targeted activities. Families usually plumb for this options as it allows that adults to enjoy themselves whilst the children are being entertained elsewhere on the ship. Cruise providers who also offer special family deals is another popular option for families. There are several reason why these offers are made to families but the main two are to try and win over the family for future cruises and to help the line meet the ticket quota for the cruise. Many parents bring their children on a cruise with them when they find out that their cruise will cater to their children’s tastes as well.

Be aware of the school holiday times and aim to take your cruise during term time. Lots of parents won’t takes their children out of school for a cruise so taking your cruise when schools is in is a good idea. If you don’t want to be surrounded by screaming kids then avoiding summer and spring break as well as Christmas holiday seasons is recommended.

Avoid choosing Carnival, Disney and Princess cruises as these are a haven from families. These cruise lines tend to be a haven for families as they run programs especially for kids and teenagers. For a cruise that is more in line with your idyllic vision you may want to choose either the Crystal, Celebrity or Radisson cruise lines.

About the author: Flora Boyd is a prolific writer and currently publishes websites helping consumers find cheap tickets and cheap air tickets.

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