China caught spying on the US

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A chinese spy has been caught attempting to send jet fighter engines to china. Is China the next Russia?

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49 Responses to “China caught spying on the US”

  1. Shiva Says:

    they spy on everybody

  2. Linette Says:

    like russia did :P

  3. Edric Says:

    it’s CHINA

  4. Jenna Says:

    “No, Russia at least had stuff worth stealing.”wow your reading comprehension sucks

  5. Baeddan Says:

    I’m surprised that they don’t already make the engines for our jet fighters… they seem to make everything else.

  6. Cybele Says:

    China has wanted to buy western style weapons systems for some time from the EU. Looks like if they can’t buy them outright they are more than willing to smuggle them out.

  7. Priyanka Says:

    like we don’t spy on everyone? we even spy on ourselves!

  8. Xenia Says:

    See what happens when we don’t offshore enough jobs?Every nation spys on each other. Only in America do we spy on each other rather than locate Osama bin Laden. I hope a really angry Marine finds him.

  9. Sylvia Says:

    DUDE! Don’t act like America doesn’t spy on other countries. Please, this ***** happens all the time.

  10. Edna Says:

    what you mean is china the next russia. china has been spynig on america for decades, and vice versa. nothing new. we spy on our own allies ffs.

  11. Jovia Says:

    China’s been Russia (or worse) for a long, long time. s’all part of the game.

  12. Shlomo Says:


  13. Annabelle Says:

    china and russia are differen’t…. for one china has like 10 times the population…. that’s like 4 times the pop of the USA

  14. Sabrina Says:

    Russia isn’t going anywhere or superceding any one. China is and will be.

  15. Baback Says:

    Everyone spies on everyone…Oh, and where’s the tech angle? Reported…

  16. Yassah Says:

    @icefrakker”"No, Russia at least had stuff worth stealing.”wow your reading comprehension sucks”Wow you’re showing everyone what a moron you are.What do you think spying is? Stealing information, genius.

  17. Derek Says:

    in other news, US caught spying on US

  18. Heman Says:

    @0troy Umm how many not tech related stories do you see on the front page of digg? right.As long as digg is the only decent democratic news site then it will be used for more then one reason. Digg is too good for people to freak out over not being tech related.

  19. Wyatt Says:

    “What do you think spying is? Stealing information, genius”lol you jackass you still don’t understand the point of my first comment?

  20. Falala Says:

    The problem with china is that its possible that only one person hired this man. China probably wouldn;t do this as a whole.

  21. Fidella Says:

    What is disturbing is that the ***** is Taiwanese. It is not really news that the PRC is stealing tech. It really hurts me that a Taiwan national is doing it for them.

  22. Zahara Says:

    hey at least they don’t start wars because bushie wants to get Saddam

  23. Cutter Says:

    they spy we spy I spy we all spy. welcom to the real world.i’m 100% sure we stole many of their jets and they proly got a few of ours out before they got cought. I wonder how many Chinese nukes we stole.

  24. Ting Says:

    “++”No, Russia at least had stuff worth stealing.”+ wow your reading comprehension sucksOMG I want to be able to digg individual comments!!!!! Hahahah.”Genius! /digg/digg/digg!!!

  25. Adie Says:

    >>i’m 100% sure we stole many of their jets and they proly got a few of ours out before they got cought. I wonder how many Chinese nukes we stole.Ask Walmart ;-)

  26. Fidelina Says:

    Apparently not. Enlighten me.

  27. Umi Says:

    “Russia isn’t going anywhere or superceding any one. China is and will be.”China will continue to make cheap goods and kill many American jobs… Because their workers work for 1 dollar an hour.

  28. Mette Says:

    who cares, we can still beat the hell out of em

  29. Otis Says:

    China has threatened to nuke the US repeatedly and have stuff aimed at 200 American cities. See: does not worry the monkeys in DC apparently. Or maybe it does, which is why China can more or less get away with human rights violations that we supposedly go after idiots like Saddam for. Not to mention all these US companies and search engines agreeing to censor results in their country. Of course China also manufactures damn near everything being sold in the US now, so talk about being in between a rock and a hard place. There are people, usually drunken rednecks, that pump their chest and talk about “getting China too”. “We would defeat them in a nuclear war. yee haw”. Yeah, ok. So lets see 1 billion chinese vs 300 million Americans. They have enough nukes to apparently hit 200 of our cities at least. AND they manufacture most of the stuff being sold here. If something did start up, you can be certain all the shipments will stop and there goes the economy to boot, on top of the rain of nukes.As for Chinese technology. Talk to Bush (1 and 2), Clinton, Rumsfeld, Israel and others. All of which have at some point or another authorized China to get their hands on various super computers and nuclear plant blueprints. In the case of Israel, we give them a bunch of free *****, since they’re our friend, and they turn around and sell it to countries like China.China is the legit future threat. Not these empty theats from Iraq or Iran supposedly about bringing all those people freedom (by bombing them and making a bunch of companies rich). It’s China and Russia. Countries that can put up a serious fight, and the monkeys in DC know it.

  30. Nefertari Says:

    Can’t you just buy this stuff on Ebay neways?

  31. Oran Says:

    “Is China the next Russia?”Your grandparents were probably asking the same thing about 55 years ago…

  32. Vevina Says:

    This is bizzare considering we already sold them Blackhawks years ago.

  33. Jaelyn Says:

    “…This is bizzare considering we already sold them Blackhawks years ago.”Good Point

  34. Jeneva Says:

    The fact that they got caught isn’t so bad. We lost a ***** spycraft & it’s crew to them.

  35. Avice Says:

    If they can’t smuggle it out of the US, they shouldn’t worry too much – Israel will sell it to them anyway.

  36. Bindi Says:

    NO…China is the next China

  37. Lin Says:

    When you working the military/spy game you are basically telling your neighbors “I don’t trust you”. Imagine the reaction of a spouse if she found out you’ve hired a private investigator to tail her and a divorce lawyer “just in case”. Very juvenile and anti-social behavior. And this gentleman is just one more reason why the world is SNAFUed yet again despite thousands of years of warfare. Everyone is always preparing for war to protect “their side” instead of looking at “the other side” as just a bunch of fellow individuals. What’s especially ironic are people that blabber about “self interest” and individuality then quickly jumble themselves into arbitrary groups of “us” and “them”. I’ve learned that just because everyone seeks their interests and talks about their interests– doesn’t equate to that they are being logical in the pursuit of them.This game of military brinkmanship cannot last much longer. One can chose to not add fuel to the fire and some can even be so bold and and even piss on it a bit.

  38. Mette Says:

    China already owns the USA… Financially. Google “M3 Money Supply”.Keep on drinking your kool-aid, kids…

  39. Xenon Says:

    “Is China the next Russia?”No, the USA is the next Russia – ideologically paralyzed by conservative political correctness, and overtaken by a dynamic young-thinking society. If only we’d listened to Thomas Paine, our society would stil be young and dynamic.

  40. Galeno Says:

    “lol you jackass you still don’t understand the point of my first comment?”Apparently not. Enlighten me.Also-I hope you’re not referring me saying Russia instead of China. If that’s the case, perhaps you should use your infinite comprehension skills to grasp that my statement was obviously rebutting another statement. In this case part of the submitters blurb- particularly this little gem: “Is China the next Russia?”

  41. Durand Says:

    We’ve turned into a nation of hypersensitive little girls. Maybe what we need is a good old-fashioned ass whuppin’.Too bad it’s come to that.

  42. Vida Says:

    “Is China the next Russia?”Duh.

  43. Tuwa Says:

    wow, that DOES make sense. the US is totally the next Russia.

  44. Gisela Says:


  45. Zaidin Says:

    Does everyone see how Bush-pussies handle situation? If this was a poor, incapable country, George Bush and his band of retard-homophob-religious-cultists would declare it an act of oooooh TERRORISM. And the U.S. would talk tough and act all belligerent about it. What cowards Republicans are. What a pack of gutless nancy-boy *****. They will let China rape their daughter at the breakfast table while they eat, but if a tiny, poor country that can be exploited for oil pisses in the wrong direction; we’re ***** going to WAR. Do any of you stupid Bush supporters ever think CHINA could have WMDs? Anyone ever cross paths with that idea? You stupid *****. Only cowards attack the weak while letting the strong get away with the same *****. Its an embarrassment. ***** off.

  46. Luqman Says:

    It wasnt China that was spying on us, it was Walmart!

  47. Rafiq Says:

    what china needs to do is to start a war with taiwan, so they can have something else to do besides make stuff to sell to other countries.

  48. Badru Says:

    You see the difference between soviet russia and the states is in america if change is needed it will happen with protest and money. The conservatives can’t win forever in fact don’t be surprised to see underwhelming republican support in the next election and expect a democrat in office one way or another. War with china? Inevitable. but as long as america is allies with the rest of the 5billion people in the world we should be okay. We are way over due for another big war…….I know its sad but history repeats itself and now that America has another person technology par with us we have reason to devolpe better technology like we did during the WW’s.

  49. Sabra Says:

    Don’t worry about China. They will be Greece to our Rome.

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