A Young Adult Book Blog Is Easy To Find

Reading is a great way for all people, old and young alike to stay engaged in a story to help them forget their troubles. Daily life can be draining and finding some type of escape is worth it. A young adult book blog is something found online where people of younger ages write about their experiences reading a certain book. Reading about reading is...  Read More »

Airport Code Journaling Cards

Last year I wrote a post of 50 American experiences I want for my children as a celebration of American Independence Day. This year, I want to give a little gift. Continued here:  Airport Code Journaling Cards  Mail this post Technorati Tags: berlin, Cruises and Cruise Ships, engage, facebook, family-travel, printables, Writing  Read More →

Relevance Of Holding Free Book Giveaways

For a voracious reader, there are only a few things that can interest them more that getting more books to read especially if they are off charge. Free book giveaways are always great ways to learn more about new works in the market, new authors and also get familiar with different styles of writing. Free copies are mainly given away for promotional...  Read More »

Ways On How To Find The Best Deals On Flights

Air tickets fluctuate considerably from one day to another and from airline to airline. The price difference is so wide that that some people claim seats on the same carrier differ in cost unless they are maybe booked together. Instead of leaving the prices of your ticket up to grabs and planning poorly the below tips on how to find the best deals on...  Read More »

A Re-Examination Of Young Adult Book Reviews

Someone might ask what kinds of books are these and argue that a novel is a novel and anyone can read. True anyone can read any novel but can easily interest or become boring to a certain reader. This is because when the author was writing the novel or short story he/she had a certain age group in mind. An overview of young adult book reviews has been...  Read More »