Car Rental Chicago-Based: Dealing on Matters that are Beneficial to the Parties Involved

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There are a few things to consider after you have decided to rent a car, whether it is for pleasure or business. A couple of these concerns would be the type of car you want to use and the car rental Chicago-based company you prefer. It is worth mentioning that one cannot just make a transaction with a car rental company and drive the car you choose. There are responsibilities that go along when renting a car. There are certain rules set by the car rental companies to their clients that are beneficial to both parties, particularly on being protected should an unexpected circumstance happen. These rules include the basic requirements which are as follows:

First of all, the minimum legal age that most car rental Chicago-based companies set for their clients is 25. Some companies will allow you to rent a car if you are between 21-25 years of age. However, there is an additional fee for this provision and you are limited only to a number of cars that are charged at a higher rate.

Secondly, you should be able to present a valid driver’s license issued in your place of residence, whether you are an American citizen or from another country. If your license is not produced in the English language, you are required to provide an international driver’s permit.

For payment purposes, most car rental Chicago based companies, prefer credit or debit card instead of cash. That guarantees them about possible charges and late fees in case you go beyond the contract.

4. Most car rental Chicago based companies only accepts credit card and debit card payments instead of cash. This will guarantee them that you have the capacity to pay for unexpected charges or any late fees.

It is of utmost importance that you should have insurance which covers for liability, collision or injury. If you are a major card holder, it is possible that you are already covered with auto insurance. You should verify on this. Otherwise, you have to secure a policy that covers either one or all of the three specified.

Other than the basic requirements stated above, you should also pay particular attention to the time and day you have to return the car as indicated in the contract. You are given a grace period of one hour for it, after which for every hour or a fraction thereof for a maximum delay of five hours will be charged. Beyond this maximum time is a penalty that is equivalent to a whole day. If you still need the car for a few more hours or days than what you have anticipated, you may call the car rental Chicago-based company to request for an extension of your contract.

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