Camping In Pennsylvania And New Jersey Can Be A Wonderful Family Getaway

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If you and your family love to sleep under the stars, then you will find that camping in Pennsylvania and New Jersey may be just the thing that you are looking for. People have different definitions as to what camping is to them and they wish create fun memories for their family.

Some people want to find the most remote spot in the woods pitch a tent and live off the resources of the land for several days. Other people like to find a campground that has all the amenities of a working bathroom and running water. Regardless of which group you belong to, you will find something for either group of campers and for those that fall in between.

Camping in Pennsylvania and New Jersey will also offer you two totally different environments. You can find lush and dense forests in Pennsylvania for you and your family to explore. In New Jersey, you can camp near the ocean and pitch your tent right on a beach.

Pennsylvania is known for offering a rougher terrain and a more rustic type of camping adventure. You can start your adventure somewhere along the Appalachian Trail. During the fall, the backdrop of Pennsylvania’s beauty can be seen throughout the state. Hiking trails and the hunting is plentiful throughout the state.

In New Jersey, you can choose from camping in the woods or camping on the beach. Unfortunately, there are not any remote areas of beachfront that are not overseen by the state government. This makes finding designated camping grounds easier but if you are looking to for total solitude, you might only find that on off seasons.

New Jersey can offer both a wooded camping experience and a camping experience that can be had on the beach. Camping is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, so by choosing to camp with your family you can free up some vacation money to do other things. There are campgrounds that are located close to amusement parks, so that you can have both the enjoyment of camping and have a place to take the kiddies during the day.

It does not matter how you and your family define camping experiences because there is something for everyone. Pennsylvania and New Jersey offer so many different camping options that you can go every year and have a different experience every time.

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