Camping In France – Your Family’s Holidays With Never Be More Fun

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Vacationing on the European Continent has changed a great deal over the years and if you should decide to camp in France you will not be disappointed. Camp sites have become more like resorts and with the added convenience of mobile campers and fully equipped family tents, camping will never be the same again.

Camp sites can be found in very attractive country and sea-side settings, and camping is great for exploring any number of these. Moving from site to site when you are camping is also easy, you just pack up and move to a newer more beautiful place.

Well maintained and organized campsites in France provide campers with tons of facilities to make their stay a pleasant one, and they are very good value for money too. If you are careful how you choose your site when you camp in France, you should be able to find a good one that will allow you access to the coastline and the countryside, so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

All areas of France cater for campers, from the Alps to the Vendee, and even the Cote d’Azure! Take Granny and Granpa with you as well as the kids, and make it a real family holiday.

Royan and Gascony are only two of the areas worth a mention, every where in France has something special to offer. Sea-shores, protected by high dunes, surrounded by the pine forests of La Coubre, has to sound like a wonderful landscape to anyone. The Valley of the River Charente is popular with campers and it is a Congnac making area. Oléron is an island accessible by bridge and it has great beaches as well as being home to a fantastic ancient Citadel.

Food and France work hand in hand, and restaurants proffer fine wines and even finer food to their guest. What money you save by camping, should be used to sample some of the local seafood and other fare. For really great wine making it is highly recommended that you pay a visit to the Médoc peninsula in Royan.

Just south of Bordeaux, you also find one of the most important oyster farming regions in the whole of France. Yes oysters are farmed, but perhaps in not the conventional sense! Bordeaux is also world renowned for the fine wine it produces and while the kids are entertaining themselves with organized activities at your campsite, you could be off enjoying some seriously adult fun, wine tasting!

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