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You can make your trekking experience a one to remember by suitably equipping your self with appropriate hiking shoes to prevent the occurrence of any blisters and this is specifically advised during the cold winter months, when you would have to deal with other problems as well. Since the frosty setting in winter months can alter normal trekking courses to slippery and unsafe pathways, you need to be very careful about picking the appropriate winter hiking shoes.

Given below are some suggestions on how to go about it

Traction – You must avoid walking on smooth surfaces and ensure that the winter hiking boots have enough grip. This is important, as it is easy to slip if they do not, and obviously you do not want to risk injury just because your boots were inadequate.

You need to attach spike links to your footwear if you are apprehensive about them losing their grip due to ice and snow getting into them.

Warmth – Obviously in the winter, your feet can get cold easily, especially if you are trekking in deeper snow, so you want to ensure that you get some very warm boots, so that they can handle the lowest temperatures which you will be walking in. It is advisable to also purchase thick socks as in the woolen variety so that your feet are kept warm and since they are usually longer in size, you can wear them to the point the shoes end thereby making sure that no cold air is able to pass into your shoes.

Make sure that you purchase winter hiking footwear that is waterproof so that you do not face the specter of having to walk around with water in your footwear formed due to the ice melting on the outside of your footwear. That is why you should always get waterproof boots for winter hiking, so that you do not risk this.

One option is going for Gore-Tex liners as they are not only water proof but also permit any excess moisture to evaporate from within them which is very useful if you happen to develop sweaty feet.

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