Booking An All Inclusive Holiday

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All inclusive holidays are becoming more and more popular with travelers of all ages. Why put yourself through unnecessary hassle when you can make one payment and have all the hard work taken out for you? However, there are several things you need to consider before booking an all-inclusive holiday or you may find that this type of holiday is not really the holiday for you.


- All inclusive generally means that you will get your flight, any transfers, board and food included in one package – many packages also include your evening entertainment. If you do your homework you may also find a deal that includes activities and sports, which is good for those who like their holidays to be active. The one price for everything payment is popular at the moment because many people are watching their spending and need to stick to a budget. With an all inclusive there is less worry about extra financial cost later on.

- An all-inclusive holiday includes all food and drink at the hotel you book. This means that the stress of finding somewhere to eat each day is taken away from you – it’s all there. This can be particularly useful for families with young children.

- If you choose an all inclusive package that is protected by ATOL you will be protected from losing out if your holiday firm folds. In the present economic times this has been a problem so this is another way to take out some of the stress planning your holiday.

- The all inclusive holiday was once the stuff of bad press but not anymore. Too often associated with boozing Brits abroad the all inclusive holiday can now be found in many destinations and all kinds of family hotels including some exclusive hotels. The all inclusive has also made long haul destinations more affordable for many.

- A lot of the traditional holiday destinations in Europe have become more expensive because of the current economic climate. If you have paid for all your food and drink you won’t be affected by the prices rises you will find at many of the local bars and restaurants in these destination.


- You need to check out the location of your all-inclusive package, some of these may be miles away from the nearest town or city and you may have to shell out on taxi fees. If you are happy to stay put for the duration of your holiday this won’t be a problem but if you like to explore this could be a deal breaker for you.

- Make sure you check out exactly what you will be getting for your money when it comes to the food and drink included in your all inclusive. Some hotels offer a choice of restaurants but others only have one buffet style restaurant to eat at. Be prepared for the possibility that you may have a somewhat narrow choice. Try to find out if you will also have a choice of international beers and wines – your deal may only include locally produced drinks.

- The main thing is to ask yourself if you really are the type of person who would enjoy an all inclusive holiday. They can feel quite restrictive for some people for others they offer a hassle free holiday. You may have to wear the uniform ‘wristband’ throughout your holiday, ask yourself if you would be happier having the freedom to explore and do your own thing.

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