Beautiful China (Pics)

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An absolutely breathtaking collection of beautiful pictures from China.

News link: here

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90 Responses to “Beautiful China (Pics)”

  1. Annissa Says:

    Yeah, too bad they’re not hi-res. I want one of them as my background.

  2. Phomello Says:

    Here’s a site with a few of them in wallpaper size, as well as many other spectacular wallpapers:

  3. Philippa Says:

    Here’s a link to the original pictures:

  4. Prudence Says:

    The third and fourth pics look like they’ve been photoshopped…but very cool nonetheless.

  5. Pagan Says:

    I have to agree that these photos look like they have been “enhanced”. I need some expert to weigh in though, as admittedly I am not one. The odd mound formations are really cool and so is the steppe farming. I enjoyed looking at them, thanks!

  6. Fala Says:

    Not Photoshopped, they’re just very heavily saturated.

  7. Xaviere Says:

    They’re as photoshopped as Ansel Adams pics are darkroom manipulated. They’re great photos!

  8. Denver Says:

    Yep, there are some telltale signs of enhancement in some of the images, not easy to pick but they are there.But they were most likely enhanced as 48 bit images and then resampled as 24 bit images. This preserves a lot of the colour range and avoids the more glaring teltale signs of manipulation (like spikes and gaps in the levels). Regardless of this, they had to be good photos to begin with to get results like this from the type of saturation enhancement they likely used. Great images to start with = spectacular images after enhancement.

  9. Valmai Says:

    The colors are so unnatural, overall looks like “photoshopped” heavily. I wonder why peoples like to enjoy this kind of processed images so much.

  10. Muskan Says:

    @tomofumi:Same reason people like HDR pics. They’re cool.

  11. Ugra Says:

    BTW, is there a geologist on here that can explain the very steep mounds that are visible in several of the pictures? China is the only place in the world that seems to have these, but it seems like they should have been eroded away millions of years ago.

  12. Ivan Says:

    I can explain them: The farmers put them there for irrigation. :D

  13. Gustav Says:

    My guess is that they were developed like that for farming purposes, like rice paddies.

  14. Saber Says:

    Or paddy cakes.

  15. Ethel Says:

    they are material such as granite, pushed up by volcanic activity millions of years ago. the sandstone around them has since been worn away

  16. Nuha Says:

    It’s where they stick all the dog carcasses.

  17. Ting Says:

    i know about these. theyre completely limestone and rain eroded thats how you get the spires.

  18. Kaelin Says:

    @PAKTU you’re ***** stupid, you’re the person that makes the stats go down

  19. Galena Says:

    There’s a lot of them in Viet Nam too, specifically in Ha Long Bay. To a google image search for it, amazing place.

  20. Tyanne Says:

    I can get you started:

  21. Rafael Says:

    It was the Flying Spaghetti Monster!Ramen.

  22. Mya Says:

    The different levels are called terraces, and they are built primarily for farming. It simply allows the farmers to produce crops, even in hilly areas.

  23. Murron Says:

    Will a geographer do? CiXeL is right, that is a denudated limestone landscape.Imagine rainfall, with slight (really slight) acidity from dissolved carbon dioxide (natural or anthropogenic). This eventually weakens the limestone (calcium carbonate) in the typical acid plus base equals salt manner. The chemically weathered material can then be flushed away. This causes caves, sinkholes, these towers, and underground rivers – all of which is called Karst.The Guangxi province has some of the most extreme examples of these towers. The towers represent the rock that resisted weathering the most.–gh

  24. October Says:

    WOW, wasn’t prepared for that! You normally don’t assosciate beauty with China (No offense)

  25. Jaeger Says:

    Yeah, every time someone tries, someone else has to ruin it by mentioning the Tienanmen Square Massacre.

  26. Ty Says:

    Firefox Spell check gives Tienanmen, Wikipedia gives Tiananmen, and Google suggests Tiananmen, for Tienanmen.

  27. October Says:

    Romanization of Chinese words unfortunately isn’t a very exact thing. Offhand I know of four different systems for romanizing normal words, and place names get even more muddled.

  28. Idris Says:

    ^ actually for westerners it isn’t exact,for chinese whom write pinyin it’s crystal cleartiananmen meaning “gate of heavenly beauty” or “night and day gate” the word “tien” doesn’t exist in pinyin

  29. Avery Says:

    To get a even better description of China and its people read this book.GoldenBoy: Memories of a Hong Kong Childhood. By: Martin Booth.Its well worth the read.

  30. Luthando Says:

    Be aware that the China of Hong Kong is quite different from the China of, say, Heilongjiang. Point being, a book about growing up in L.A. wouldn’t tell someone much at all about life in rural Vermont.

  31. Xexilia Says:

    @gaoshanthanks for that perspective. I grew up in LA and am not interested in that aspect of China, would much rather know about life in more secluded areas.

  32. Iorwen Says:

    Fun Mansion?After you get over the gawdiness of the page, those picture are STUNNING!

  33. Haile Says:

    If you want to look at the pictures WITHOUT the “fun mansion” tags, then go here: link here:

  34. Emeric Says:

    i wonder if some of those were HDR processed-the colors are unreal. very nice!

  35. Jovie Says:

    I think so, it has that HDR style saturation look.

  36. Cybil Says:

    yay, totoro! ;)

  37. Ieuan Says:

    Same website: these pics are also breathtaking.

  38. Ursula Says:

    Oh hell yes./whoops, I’m 30

  39. Huslu Says:

    ya i loved going to volleyball games last year, i think they are that tight because they have to prove they are girls

  40. Sabriel Says:–just, wow.

  41. Sabiti Says: me miss, is you ass hungry? Because it’s eating your shorts.;)

  42. Yuki Says:

    Here’s the original digg without the label at the bottom of each picture and photograpers email address.

  43. Helsa Says:

    @StephenChowI wasn’t looking at the comments when I posted, you beat me to it.

  44. Ummi Says:

    Amazing. I had no idea China was so beautiful!

  45. Winifred Says:

    I can’t find the link, but a website was dugg that had these photos sized for desktop backgrounds in different sizes if anyone cares to look around.

  46. Osias Says:

    Too bad we’ll be dropping the H-bomb on these idyllic scenes in the near future.

  47. Cait Says:

    You better hope that missile defence net will save you then.

  48. Valonia Says:


  49. Bimala Says:

    I don’t think that we should count a 200 day gap as a dupe. Digg has grown enormously since 2005 and most of the current users weren’t around that long ago. I did digg it back then, but I am glad to see them again.

  50. Vaman Says:

    I’m a bit dissapointed in this dupe. Not to take anything away from these images… they are stunning. And when i saw them last on digg i linked it to tons of people… but i wish that by now there was something new. I was hoping that nearly a year later, the internet has grown, and there would be more amazing pictures for me to enjoy. I suppose the community has grown, and thats the interesting thing about being community driven. If some people are slow, stuff will get repeated. Oh Well. I am glad the new crowd can enjoy these beautiful pictures. These pictures inspired me to go to China, and i will be in this general area in about 12 months.

  51. Gunther Says:

    The 3rd to last one is simply breathtaking. Great find!

  52. Baden Says:

    I wish I had HDR processed vision…I really have to wonder how far out of Beijing/Shanghai you have to go before you find any place remotely like this. I was in China about a month ago… don’t be mistaken, the smog in some places is horrible. It’s hard to tell what time of day it is when you can’t find the sun.

  53. Jaeger Says:

    Another good site with pictures like these from all around the world: originally saw these pics there.

  54. Wilson Says:

    I visited China as well this past Summer and you do have to get pretty far out. Most of these photos seem to be taken along the Yangtze River. These images are truly remarkable in real life.

  55. Gamaliel Says:

    Here are some more great photos from China that were posted the first time this story was dugg. Some of the landscapes are similar, although they haven’t been so carefully enhanced. Very beautiful though: for the record, I have nothing to do with the taking or posting of these photos.

  56. Umay Says:

    Not again…. This has been all over the internet a couple of months ago, on reddit, on delicious, here

  57. Nuhad Says:

    Here are some nice wallpaper-sized images of other internatonal locales, including some in the same region (Xingping) as those in the post:

  58. Xaviera Says:

    p9s50W5k4GUD2c6 learn2search 101

  59. Fantasia Says:

    How kind of ‘’ to slap their logo on every picture and squash the photos into squares…no doubt they stole the photos too, just like so many other sites *cough*ebaums*cough*

  60. Bash Says:

    Dupe: get posted so many times

  61. Rylan Says:

    Holy *****, beautiful! I’m going there on Thursday..yay! :)

  62. Rafferty Says:

    How about the beautiful industral China?

  63. Valerian Says:

    I went to Datong – it was horribly polluted with coal but none the less still beautiful. It’s a shame China is somewhat being forced to pollute its land to try to gain a foothold in the capitalist world market.

  64. Shoshanah Says:

    Why did you go to Datong of all places? Just curious! I mean, that is almost a poster-child city for pollution and industrial excess.

  65. Fico Says:

    i saw these here a couple months ago

  66. Yates Says:

    bizarre this link was found again..

  67. Emeric Says:

    These sceneries need to be preserved. China needs to develop. It’s gonna take a lotta effort.

  68. Edric Says:

    I’d love to use them for backgrounds on my computers but that stupid logo in the bottom-right corner is fugly.

  69. Vallerie Says:

    ***** commies

  70. Denver Says:

    aren’t these photos are ripoffs from webshots.

  71. Kyan Says:

    Nice pics.This page has some more lovely pics from China, what a country!:

  72. Turner Says:

    cybe,A quick web search will find similar lovely pics from (to name just a few):Genoa, ItalyNorthern Ireland, UKParis, FranceSeattle, USAWhat a world!

  73. Frick Says:

    Chinese internal problems have nothing to deal with beautiful landscapes.

  74. Uday Says:

    These pics are so much oversaturated, that i feel like living in a B&W world. I’d like to see the original pics, since the shots are really worth.

  75. Wilton Says:

    Over-saturated or not, the processing is incredible, not to mention the original shots. Best not to look at them as photographs, but as photo-realistic paintings.

  76. Cait Says:

    I wish for once that breathtaking pictures have exact location and date comments. That should be the most obvious thing to do. But few do it.

  77. Denton Says:

    Poverty, repression, brutality and slavery certainly look good from a distance.

  78. Dustin Says:


  79. Priyanka Says:

    Wow yes those are breathtakingly beautiful.

  80. Sy Says:

    No digg!Ripping off others’ pics (previously posted/linked on digg even) and stamping Fun Mansion on it.

  81. Xipil Says:

    Fantastic! I wanna go there right now.

  82. Basil Says:


  83. Durand Says:

    cool and high quality pictures! there is very cool website collecting all kinds of news about how things are going on in China. if you like, you can go to take a look.

  84. Sydney Says:

    Yeah….really great pic, thank you!

  85. Sholto Says:

    good!Yeah….really great pic, thank you!

  86. Bat Says:

    Why there is so much problem in Beijing? Hope all will end in time befor Beijing OlympicsI was so much excited about Beijing Olympics that I have started One blog for that…

  87. Sydnee Says:

    Great pics

  88. Macon Says:

    Are these pictures from Guilin if yes, I’ defiantly going to visit there (Actually I wan to go there anyway), I’m going China in 4 weeks so for 3 months YEAH!!!

  89. Walter Says:

    Really great pictures.

  90. Edith Says:

    The real China:

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