Beat Boredom while Flying

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Flying can be a fascinating and exciting thing which can last for many hours as the stunning aerial views can appear mesmerising especially if you know the area you’re flying over because you’ll see everything from a different perspective.

If you fly frequently or have a long haul flight on the horizon you’ll soon realise how tiresome flying can be, especially if you’ve got to sit there for several hours in a cramped economy seat. Airlines mostly provide on flight entertainment on many of their long haul flights even though it can be rather limited and not very “attention grabbing”.

So what can you do to prevent yourself feeling bored?

 Movies: good quality airlines provide a movie service’s which is at your’e personal control by the buttons in the arm rests, the movies aren’t on demand so you’d have abide to the starting and finishing times, you’ll find good quality movies many of them reasonably modern as new releases come to airlines before there even released on DVD so the chances of you already seeing them is unlikely unless you got to the cinema often.

 Books: Can’t beat a good ole book!! The old fashioned way to kill some is the effortless art of reading, be sure you buy something that really grabs your attention. and in which you can get lost in as it may be the only thing you have to do for the entire length of the flight.

 Meet somebody new: If you’re not sitting next to somebody you don’t already know try and talk to the person next to you, they may turn out to be a greatly charismatic person who’s got many interesting and extravagant tales to tell or even the same interests as you, I did on my Thailand holidays When i offered a mint to the gentlemen (Richard) next to me, we got talking and have been great friends every since.

 Retention yourself tenanted stops you feeling bored and provoked which is the last thing you want when you arrive at a busybodied airport terminal and have to wait for your luggage etc.

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