Baris, SangHyang, Sanghyang Dedari and SangHyang Jaran Dance

Baris Dance
A dance of warfare, the Baris is strongly masculine and yet on top of that show a strong sensitivity in the myriad of moods and expressions indicates a effective sensitivity within the myriad of moods and expressions shown within one dancing. The Baris Gede, a sacral dance carried out usually dressed warriors with distinctive triangular bright white headdresses bearing weapons: spears, spiked shields or swords. They dancing in line, posing aggressively prior to attacking one another in simulated battles. Ref: Bali Luxury Private Villas

SangHyang Boogie
The expression Sanghyang mean “deity” and per-formers of the sacred Sanghyang Dence are mentioned to be possessed by unique deities who permit them to hold out supernatural feats. Their position is an overtly exocistic one they help in heading off pestilence and getting rid of dark magic. Trance is induced by way of incense substance and chanting by two teams off villager girls who sing the praises of the gods and ask them to descend, and a refrain of men who imitate the gambelan making use of the word ‘cak’ and other sounds.

Sanghyang Jaran Dancing
In Sanghyang Jaran, a modest quantity of men are put into trance, even so their move is way far more nuts – they fall, convulsed, to the ground and hurry to seize hobbyhorses. Throughout the pre-trance chanting, coconut shells possess been lit, leaving pink-sizzling coals. The trancers are mentioned to be enticed by all sorts of hearth and onlookers are expected not to smoke. The entranced dancer leap into the coals, prancing on top of them, picking up the hot pieces and bathing on their own in fire. Solely kecak chorus men accompany the Sanghyangs. Ref: Bali Luxury Villas

Each types of Sanghyang may be see 4 occasions per week in Bona, the stick it is stated that the dancer are surely possessed, however by less significant deities.

SangHyang Dedari Dance
In Sanghyang Dedari two pre-pubescent girls (selected by way of a “trance check”) are steadily put into trance, attire in fancy dress costumes very related to the legong (a lot of students really feel which the legong designed from this form). They are the transported on palanquins or shoulders across the village, stopping at magically charged spots, equivalent to crossroads, bridges and in front of the houses of people who can Tran alter on their own into leyakOr witches.

After this, the Sanghyangs guide the villagers again to a dance enviornment at the temple or bale banjar, the place with eyes closed, they dance for up to 4 hours. Tales from the legong repertoire or astounding types primarily based mostly on the Calonarang and Cupak are reenacted. In some villages, the Sanghyang dedari execute your complete boogie on the shoulders of men, doing astounding acrobatic feats. This par of the ritual is accompanied by an whole gambelan group, who have been completely skilled and rehearsed. Ref: Bali Private Villas

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