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Day 1: My Favorite Song

I’m doing the 30 Day Blog Journal Challenge . This is day 1 See the original post:  Day 1: My Favorite Song  Mail this post Technorati Tags: atahualpa-theme, cancel, Cruises and Cruise Ships, day-1-my-favorite-song, favorite, favorite-song, Music, posts, these-html-tags, travel, travel-turtle, travel-turtle-pages, turtle  Read More →

The Secret to Travel Bargains: Part 1

Friends and family often ask me how to get the best deals on their travel. People think that because I am in the travel industry I have some secret password or handshake that I use to acquire the “deal” or “bargains” that I find when I travel. I am going to now reveal my magical secret, the same secret that I tell those very same family and...  Read More »

Places and Things

I’ve been obsessing about places and things a lot lately. Incorporating the things I look up, which makes me click to read more, and click to read more, and click… into ways to remember some of the interesting facts about specific places I want to go sometime Read the original here:  Places and Things  Mail this post Technorati...  Read More »

cancun vacations

This papers is all about the topic that you have been looking for, take your time to read. Vacations are trips that have the ability to get everyone all excited. Now as there are so many another(a) great holiday destinations that you can take from you should look to see what each of these places can offer you. There is one place that you truly should...  Read More »

Visiting Frankfurt, Germany – One of the World

Within the Main River Valley, just east of where the Main meets the Rhine, sits the prevailing city of Frankfurt. Presently and historically considered a nerve center for commerce, banking, and transportation, Frankfurt am Main of west central Germany possesses many aspects of the old world that function as a viable part of this contemporary city. Visitors...  Read More »