Arts Like Music, Poetry And Movies Enlighten Us Spiritually

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As much as most of us are trying to ignore, the cosmos is growing faster and faster everyday leaving us behind if we don’t adjust. But our need for adjustment, even though it gives us the wonders of the progress, leaves us blind to the beauty of things that lure our souls.

Habits tend to control people’s daily lives like a mandatory requirement for security. No spiritual matters fit into our already overcrowded schedule, where masterpieces of musicians, poets and movie makers seem pointless.

Ordinary people need artists to shape their thoughts into universal elements that can be used in communicating with ourselves and the world. Every piece of art is meant illustrate a meaningful experience or idea that will impress the viewer or reader, appealing to his or her thirst for justice, thought of mercy, need for compassion or desire for joy. Without a subsequent meaning words don’t make a poem, notes don’t make a song and images don’t make a movie, they are only separate elements of something yet unknown. Similar words can be used in different poems, similar notes in different songs or similar images in different movies, without meaning that the different strings of words, notes or images should carry the same message.

Art is a type of shamanism that without being as precise as science is, has the means of mending our soul. The science of medicine that cures most of the bruises of the body is most of the times helpless dealing with the severe lesions that are usually left on the soul. Shamanism has an ancient history of exploring the depths of the soul and its knowledge is revealed in Lujan Matus’ work.

Spiritually shamanism and art are exploring the same dimensions of soul. Think about the journey of a love movie: words, images and notes, altogether combined in a battle of sentiments ended up in ardor, just creating the perfect image of a feeling that is equally sacred and profane. Imagine yourself as being the producer of your own life and this journey being your journey and you will find unexpected treasures of beauty buried within yourself.

Referring to the work of Lujan Matus means acquiring more knowledge about shamanism.

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