Annual Vacations Should Include Holidays In Madeira

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When searching for vacation ideas, give some though about holidays in Madeira. Located in Portugal, Madeira is a cluster of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago was discovered around 1419 by Portuguese explorers lead by Infante Dom Henrique or Henry the Navigator. There were no native inhabitants at this time, so Portuguese farmers settled there, along with many others.

Though Portuguese is its official language, those on the island also speak English. Learning important Portuguese phrases before visiting is crucial.

The capital city of Madeira is Funchal, which is a pathway for domestic and business travelers. Those arriving by ship dock at Funchal. If travel is done by plane, the airport is only a few minutes from the harbor.

Because Madeira is recognized for its embroidery and hand-crafted art, purchasing a few special items will complete the trip before one returns home. Wine from Madeira is known worldwide, so drinking it from its birthplace is an honor.

Madeira Islands were created by volcanic activity millions of years ago. What is left of the volcanoes are caves and tunnels, meant to be explored by those hungry for a bit of history. The sites to see around Madeira are the Levadas, an irrigation system built to ensure water reached drier land. Also learn about the culture with a visit to the Madeira Story Centre, a museum with historical island information, as well as food and souvenir shops. Do not forget to take in the glorious botanical garden and beautiful beaches with crystal clear water.

Those visiting in the New Year need to see the largest fireworks celebration in the world. If the visit is scheduled for June, there are celebrations for the saints Sao Pedro, Santo Antonio, and Sao Joao. Madeira can be visited all year long so it may not matter when one goes to take in its beauty and storied history. Everyone can find something they like.

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