An Essential Checklist Of Camping Gear

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One of the most favorite family activities for summer time outings is camping.  In order to enjoy a safe and fun vacation, it is important to have the right camping gear. Due to the fact there are numerous several types of camping gear available today, for anyone just getting starting it could be a lttle bit overwhelming.

While there are plenty of options and specialised items, here are a few basics in camping gear which are mandatory and so they simply cannot be skipped or missed, or you won’t have the trip that you’re looking forward to. The basic camping essentials include:

First Aid Kit – absolutely essential when you go into the woods or to the lake, a first aid kit needs to be a must for any hiker and camper. Most drug stores, camping supply stores and sporting goods stores sell very compact first aid kits which are reasonably priced. Make sure that the first aid kit contains anti-bacterial cream, disinfectants, bandages of all various sizes, gauze, pain medication, tweezers, scissors plus a tensor wrap. Some creams or lotions for insect bites and sunburn prevention are usually a great idea.

Tent – just about the most necessary item in camping gear, tents now come in a number of styles, fabrics, frames and even colors. The most basic tent is known as a “pup tent” or traditional inverted V-shaped tent that is normally a two-person tent. You can find larger versions of the pup tent, such as a family dome tent, that have the peaked roof but are much taller allowing adults and children to walk around inside with relative comfort. Hexagonal tents offer more room, an essential consideration for anyone who is camping with children or large groups of people. When selecting a tent consider the number of people you will be housing and how much under-cover storage space you might require. Also think about the weight of the tent if you have to pack it at your camping spot, along with how easy or difficult it really is to put up and take down.

Camping Sleeping Bags – you’ll find a great selection of light-weight, ultra warm and extremely durable camping sleeping bags available at most camping stores. Sleeping bags come in a variety of sizes, from extra long to children’s sizes. Sleeping bags, like tents will have to packed at the camping site, so it should be a light, easy-to-care-for fabric.

Cooking surface – don’t count on a fire always being possible, depending on where you are camping, fire regulations and restrictions, or wet weather. A compact, portable propane stove or charcoal grill might be a life saver for warming up water and food.

Food – it is very important bring more food than you believe you will require, as a safety precaution in the event the trip lasts somewhat longer than originally planned. You can get freeze-dried and pre-packaged foods which are easy to carry and ideal in the case of emergency.

The above will be the essential items required for the next camping trip.  In addition, you should also bring a hiking backpack or small daypack.  They’re very versatile and permit you to carry a wide variety of items like a water bottle, food a first aid kit, compass, and swiss army knife.

Follow this checklist and you will be well prepared for a fun and safe camping trip with family or friends.

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