An awesome Performance by Wiz and B.o.B at South by Southwest Fest

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When the Pre programmed entrance of Cee Lo Green and Lupe Fiasco were cancelled at the South by Southwest music festival, many fans were first left disappointed for not being able to see some mainstream rap show. But Atlantic Records appeared to the rescue as they simple replaced one duo of acclaimed artists with another duo of equally talented rappers.

So no Cee Lo and no Lupe? ‘No problem,’ the record label announced , as in came Janelle Mone and B.o.B along with Wiz Khalifa, the three of whom made a deadly trio and rocked the crowd in attendance at Austin’s La Zona Rosa.

Donnis and XV started the concert and entertained the audience admirably , before B.o.B came jumping on the stage and occupied the platform for the next 30 minutes. His performance and the stage ambiance revolved around his number 1 single ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray,’ and they also sent out light reminders of his history as an MC who never truly received the kind of praise he got . However, B.o.B’s best moments came when he performed songs that didn’t belong to him or were from his latest creations. He was so amped up about revealing his new material that he stopped ‘Nothin’ on You,’ branded it as something that has been well-heard by every body , and started taking requests from fans instead.

Soon after that, he tore into Tre’s “Talking ‘Bout Her,” and kept on serving the audience with treats such as ‘Batman Flow,” Beast Mode’ and then ‘Haterz Everywhere.’ The erratic order and behaviour by the Atlanta MC didn’t let the crowd relax for one bit and they kept on following B.o.B obediently, wherever he took them.

Who else was next ? Wiz Khalifa! A Wiz concert without the notion of weed is unheard of and he wasn’t in the mood to let the tradition die down. He screamed at full throttle and asked his lady fans if they knew how to roll blunts. But despite his weed-infested words his physical showing and energy level were nothing less than high-octane.

He dove into “Waken Baken,” “Gang Bang,” ” Phone Numbers ” “On My Level” and “Taylor Gang” and dropped his usual cool words . However, the audience went out of control when the Pittsburgh relative rapped to the tune of his famous ‘Black and Yellow’ song . But there was more craziness in the store for the fans . Like many other musicians this week, Wiz also paid his tribute to the late rapper Nate Dogg, who died last week. The lanky rapper chose Nate’s ‘Hey hey hey hey/ Smoke weed every day’- a song which suited him the most.

The notable weed-lover declared, “Rest in peace, Nate Dogg.”

The night’s last act go to Janelle Mone, who launched a tribute of his own, but to artists such as Isaac Hayes and James Brown. Some may have wanted one from Wiz or B.o.B to be the curtain-drawer of the program , but that honour went to Mone instead, and she didn’t disappoint anyone with a perfect rendition of her last year’s The ArchAndroid.Free Online Music

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