All Inclusive Caribbean Vacations

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For lovers of vacations that include everything in the price you will be spoilt for choice in the Caribbean. There are many reasons put forward as to why the number of all inclusive Caribbean vacation is greater than the number of bed and breakfast only vacations. Some attribute the popularity of the Caribbean islands to the predominance of this type of vacation; although there is no proof that there has ever been any need for this.

The chances are that this popularity is a result of the ease with which people can book the all inclusive Caribbean vacations; which makes them particularly attractive for families on a budget. These vacations can even be tailored to suit individual needs where they are designed to suit a particular type of visitor. An example of that could be when people are visiting family and friends during their Caribbean vacation; these visitors only require a flight package as their accommodation would have already been arranged.

For the average tourist and his family, all inclusive Caribbean vacation is the more likely scenario with costs manageable right from the start. Whilst many people like to book everything themselves, this isn’t always the least expensive option as operators can offer massive discounts. However, those travelers that are more independent would not arrange a vacation like this no matter how tempting the financial offer. Even after all this time it is surprising how many people do not actually know what an all inclusive vacation actually includes.

Obviously with any vacation package, the room is included in the cost unless you have just specifically booked a flight only. Whilst the level of meals offered may differ in other vacation packages, with this type, generally all food is included in the cost; in fact many types of board only include a continental breakfast as part of the arrangement. Many people can get confused between a full board package and an all inclusive package vacation.

The difference is that an all inclusive Caribbean vacation will include all food and drinks whereas a full board vacation only generally includes breakfast, lunch and an evening meal. Many hotels will also supply their guests with discount vouchers for events, entertainment and meals for example; this does not normally mean that entertainment, food and events are free at these places, just discounted. Many all inclusive Caribbean vacations will include other recreational activities; they often include dining at restaurants that are not part of the hotel which should create a far more interesting experience.

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