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Around the World there over 50 cruise lines. Some are expensive luxury cruises and some that are quite cheap and reasonable. People who have the money to spend can choose any cruise but for family who cannot afford expensive cruises this post will give you information where you can find affordable cruises. Luxury cruises such as cunard cruises, regent cruises and silversea cruises are one of the expensive cruise lines in the industry. There are also one of the top cruise lines in the industry hence the price and they also provide long cruising holidays.


Whereas cruise lines like royal Caribbean cruises, princess cruises and others are for short term cruising. These cruise lines will help those people find the relevant cruising holiday within their budget. Just because the cruises they offer are cheap doesn’t mean the quality of these cruise lines will be terrible. For example for their onboard services got them many awards for their service and journey in the past, princess cruises that is. These cruise lines have fantastic cruise ship with mini shopping centres, bars and restaurants. Another great thing is that they also have activities for children onboard. People looking for a short cruise holiday around the Mediterranean Sea or Europe these are the cruise lines to choose from.


There are thousands of people who go on a cruise every year, and from their feedbacks the information were about the aboves being the top cruise lines. There is no denying that. I have missed out one though, which is celebrity cruises. Few months ago there was air transport cancelled and it was celebrity cruises which step forward to help out the UK tourists who were stranded in Spain. They wanted to give debut to their new ship which they used to help people out. They also received fantastic feedback about their cruise ship and is also another cheap cruise line.


I hope this post gives you an idea on cruise lines.

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