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It is highly likely that you will have to take luggage with you if you are taking a trip somewhere. If you just throw everything you think you might need into a case you will likely end up taking too much and forgetting some important items. It is much easier when you have just the right amount of luggage with you for your trip so putting in the effort is worth it. When it comes to packing for an air trip, the following tips should help.


- It is important to know the baggage weight restrictions for the airline you are travelling with. It can be really expensive to have to pay for extra baggage but this is what will happen if you exceed the allowance that the airline has given you. If you want to avoid this you will need to know how much weight you are allowed to take and weigh your bags before you arrive at the airport. If you take too many books with you on holiday it can add quite a bit to your bag’s weight; either don’t take so many or invest in an eBook reader which can hold hundreds of books.


- Instead of taking your entire wardrobe away with you, it would be much better to sit and think about your outfits. If the cost of living in your destination is very low then you could always buy clothes when you get there. It is better to take the bare minimum when it comes to clothing; most people will take far more than they need to.


- Only pack items that you really think you will wear and that you will need; you really have to be ruthless when you pack your bags.


- Your hand luggage should be easy to carry around and put into the overhead locker in the plane. People often think that it is better to fit as much as possible into their hand luggage but this is really not necessary.


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