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Abu Garcia fishing tackle have been part of the fishing industry since the late thirties. The producer started out as a timepiece maker but their accuracy capacity led them to manufacturing top rate fishing reels. Starting with the Abu Record reel in 1941, the producer gradually  obtained acknowledgement in the industry. Right now, they are part of the premier manufacturers that offers dependable reels for various fishing settings.

Baitcast Fishing reels

The Abu Garcia Baitcast reel series  brings together power and accuracy with further functions that guarantees far better reeling. Their Low Profile Baitcast series~ is for heavy pulling with out the pointless noise with gear ratio of 6.2:1 that means faster response time for pulling that big capture. Round Reel series is also excellent for saturday and sunday trips as it comes equipped with auto-drag adjustment with anti-reverse. All you need to do is pull and allow the reel to keep up with the resistance. The Line Counter Series features the line-out alarm for extra accuracy and anti-corrosion for durability.

Spinning Reels

The Abu Garcia spinning reels are not your regular novice’s reel. These folks mixed the simplicity of a rotating fishing reel’s layout with extra parts for maximum performance. The Cardinal Series of spinning reels feature 9 bearings and the layout was manufactured with aluminium alloy that ensures longevity. The Soron Series, on the other hand, arrives with 11 ball bearings that considerably accelerates the drag. This series also comes equipped with the unique spool system of Abu Garcia which lessens maintenance.

Spincast Fishing reels

The Spincast fishing reel series is the gear you will need for longer hrs on a fishing trip. The total bundle is water resistant and it uses titanium nitride for durability and easy handling of the spool. The Spincast series is adorned with the Abumatic line of reels that are created for salt and fresh water conditions. You should not look at various reels in a similar water situations if you look at the Spincast series.

Abu Garcia Fishing Rods

Apart from Abu Garcia fishing fishing reels, the producer is also building a series of angling rods. Their Vengeance Series delivers stability of power and practicality. It arrives with strong throwing instructions and the handle~ is EVA contoured. Although this ensures powerful drag action, it additionally is adorned with delicate touch which supports increased handling. The Vendetta Series was developed to perfectly operate with Soron and Revo fishing reels but the rod is even now remarkable by itself. Manufactured in graphite, soft-touch reel and deeper body instructions make sure pounds issues is no more a problem. Their most recent series is Veritas which is almost an improve from Vendetta as a result of aluminium casing.

Fishing Combination Rod and Reels

Abu Garcia has achieved top quality not solely via their person equipment but also by way of their combos. They have formulated precise combination based on their reel series. Baitcast, Spinning and Spincast combination rods and fishing reels are really advisable as elements are formulated to perform completely with every other.

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