A Swiss Army Knife Alone Does Not Make It Camping

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Particular items are necessary when a family camps. Things essential at a campground are the same as those used at home. The basics are food, water, shelter, clothing, fire, and light. A fishing pole, black Swiss Army knife, and courageous attitude is also a big help. At night, things crawl around and go bump in the night, while there is hardly any light.

Shelter is protection from the outside elements. Tents are a basic kind of shelter for a campsite, outside of making dirt a place to sleep. Tents need to be selected based on how much equipment and how many persons will be traveling. The size of tents are based on twos.

A good friend to a campsite is fire. Knowing how to ignite a fire is a good idea, but if no one knows how, campers need to have the right fire starting resources. Fire provides warmth at camp and is used to cook foods. Fire gives light, but having a flashlight and lantern is necessary.

Make sure to cover all avenues with clothing. Shorts, long pants, hats to keep heads warm or to shield from the sun should be taken on the trip. Tanks, long sleeve shirts and hiking boots are necessary, too. For sites with lakes and creeks near, if campers will be swimming, bathing suits need to be made a part of clothing choices.

Bug spray and sunblock are needed. Spray bare skin and clothing with bug spray. As a recommendation, long pants, if worn, should be tucked inside of boots and duct taped to prevent bug bites and protect against a loose snake or two that might be roaming about.

For those that only imagine camping, the food may be thought of in terms of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. This is a fun food, but will do no good without a balanced meal for proper sustenance. With an ice cooler, cold cuts, cold drinks, bread, crackers, dried fruits, and cheese are excellent foods to pack. Canned beans, chili, soups and meats add necessary protein. Freeze dried foods are not a necessary addition to a camping trip, but are handy. Make the food interesting and be creative.

The Swiss Army knife proves its handiness with chopping, while its scissors can be used to cut open packages. A Swiss Army knife will include a can opener which can be used to open canned foods packed with the additional provisions. It can gut any fish that have been caught while camping.

Whether done by one person or a family, camping is an adventure. As long as preparations are made, the adventure should start.

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