A Re-Examination Of Young Adult Book Reviews

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Someone might ask what kinds of books are these and argue that a novel is a novel and anyone can read. True anyone can read any novel but can easily interest or become boring to a certain reader. This is because when the author was writing the novel or short story he/she had a certain age group in mind. An overview of young adult book reviews has been done below.

The author puts himself in the adolescent stage and tries to imagine what issues affect or interests them. For instant, an author may decide to write about self-esteem and title the book inner beauty. Then a review of inner beauty is written in a way to attract the targeted audience who in this case re the youth. He/ she use a character, Mary, who has issues with her self-esteem.

Mostly the protagonist is a young adult instead of a child or a full grown adult.When it comes to the young adult books you will notice, that is if you like reading these books, that the author picks themes that affect the youth. Examples of themes used are like drug abuse, sexuality, self esteem, rivalry, love and romance etc.

For instance, an author may write about a boy who has lived and grown in poverty, has not had a decent education due to financial problems, misses meals and many struggles and ends up as a drug addict or a gangster.

These books are made more interesting by the tone used in writing them. It can be nostalgic, vengeful, remorseful or a happy tone this is decided by the author. While other writers might use one tone the other can use multiple tones.

The young literature also readily addresses the youth needs because the authors put themselves in an adolescent age and interests in mind. Certain criteria is used in writing young adult books such as subject matter, issues and experiences written should relate to the adolescent and many more.

Novels and short stories of the young people have been on the rise through the decades and still are. This is maybe because the authors have realized that there is always a ready market of this group and you know how these adolescents are like they do not want to be left out on anything.

This can boost a students comprehension when a canonical pieces is used alongside. The young adults literature have created an immense to schools that the students are in acting classes, their imagination to another world is created when they act like the famous play of shake spear.

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