A Day at the Beach in China ! [PICS]

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These pictures of a beach in China speak for themselves!

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257 Responses to “A Day at the Beach in China ! [PICS]”

  1. Gallagher Says:

    Proving my theory that Chinese people like sex.

  2. Abie Says:

    Well, if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be lasting long enough to crowd these beaches.

  3. Kylar Says:

    captain obvious IS obvious

  4. Osgood Says:

    now we see the reason for the one child rule

  5. Pahkakino Says:

    hold on a second, we might be on to something.Oh wait, I guess not.

  6. Emeric Says:

    Here sharky sharky!!!

  7. Viviana Says:

    there are so many gay and lesbian in US~~~i think~~

  8. Nabila Says:

    Where’s 李Wúldō?

  9. Tuwa Says:

    If the movie ‘Jaws’ were to happen here, Brody would not say “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”, he’d say “Your gonna need a few more sharks.”

  10. Psalm Says:

    How could you get it right the first time and wrong the second time?/confused

  11. Nefret Says:

    Perhaps he didn’t have a clue which one was right, so he used both.

  12. Dustine Says:

    This is in Korea,not China

  13. Yasunari Says:

    “Live for the Swarm!!!”

  14. Cyan Says:

    Ronald MaoDonald ?

  15. Lina Says:

    Koreans successfully avoid ridicule by swimming with their t-shirts on.

  16. Luther Says:

    Same as Thai – they wear jeans too, and tend to swim at sunset (not so visible) in big groups. Perhaps the shyest people on this planet.

  17. Jennifer Says:

    I can confirm this is bollocks.

  18. Winfred Says:

    What’s bollocks? That Thais don’t swim with their clothes on? What beaches do you go to? Or will you tell me the usual exception-to-the-rule anecdote?

  19. Osmond Says:

    Some light humour on this subject:- mangosauce.com/travel/hua_hin_spa_resor …”….it doesn’t stop them taking a dip – usually in their regular street clothes.They eschew swimwear out of modesty but, in reality, there’s always enough wet T-shirt action going on to keep onlookers focused.With so many fully clothed people clinging onto various buoyant objects, the scene looks more like a shipwreck than a day out.”

  20. Zephyr Says:

    You can get in trouble in Thailand for showing too much skin: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/3444565.st …

  21. Fritzi Says:

    Koreans must be very self conscious. Like 1% of people have their shirts off.

  22. Jago Says:

    i thought in the far east it was considered attractive to have lighter skin hence people dont like tanning?heard it ages ago and i’m quite prepared for someone to tell me that it’s utter bollox.

  23. Hendrix Says:

    It’s probably 50/50 between modesty and the attempt to stay fair skinned. This is a beach opening and there are kids around.Korea has a lot of bath houses in which, although it is separated by gender, people walk around fully naked and lounge around in vitamin enriched hot tubs, sauna rooms, and yellow clay rooms. Makes you feel pretty awesome afterwards.

  24. Yasunari Says:

    I see what you did there.

  25. Gulliver Says:

    If you look closely at the letters on the MacDonald umbrellas you’ll notice that it’s written in KOREAN.

  26. Sydney Says:

    Well that explains why there’s no dogs on the beach.

  27. Giolla Says:

    Good call.

  28. Emile Says:

    Sorry to comment-jack but this is the complete flickr set the photos come from where it’s actually labeled correctly as Pusan and isn’t some propaganda blogspam: flickr.com/photos/lao-ocean/sets/721575 …

  29. Osher Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Your link was broken so I fixed it: flickr.com/photos/lao-ocean/sets/721575 … Digg needs to fix this bug.

  30. Laird Says:

    Notice the guy in the 4th picture with the generic “50 cent” shirt.

  31. Odessa Says:

    Now compare that to this: images.google.com/images?q=bora+bora+beach& …now pick one!

  32. Ieuan Says:

    Reminds me of this awesome commercial. youtube.com/watch?v=yCAtpxHY-b8

  33. Bayarmaa Says:

    That beach is like a buffet for sharks

  34. Tabitha Says:

    In chinese Mao is also the same word for cat.

  35. Issay Says:

    R u blind???it’s korea~~~

  36. Huntley Says:

    how many people are there?

  37. Jengo Says:

    Enough to turn a day at the beach into a day at the urine-water.

  38. Jennica Says:

    oh man i didn’t even think about that! that’s probably the warmest water this side of the equator..

  39. Yazid Says:


  40. Wray Says:

    *Scanner explodes*

  41. Josie Says:

    *Scouter explodes*Fixed*

  42. Zahur Says:

    somewhere between 50 and 100 (per square foot).

  43. Valley Says:

    That must be REALLY warm water…..

  44. Haley Says:

    I’m guessing around 98 degrees.

  45. Macy Says:

    You know what’s funny about having two temperature scales?My first thought when reading that was ‘Dear god, that would scald you in seconds…’ then I figured out he was talking in Fahrenheit.Or.. I’m just tired and need more coffee.

  46. Ling Says:

    I wonder what the pee/water ratio is there. It looks like it could be worse than a public pool during kiddie hours in the summer.

  47. Wyanet Says:

    goddammit asia… you have too many f*ckin people. wear condoms.

  48. Nadalia Says:

    I concur with this gentleman. I propose that they create the Soylent Green Factory Co.

  49. Dallon Says:

    I wish your parents would have. You contribute nothing.

  50. Hajar Says:


  51. Cutler Says:

    *whispers* millions…

  52. Deniz Says:

  53. Andie Says:

    All of them…

  54. Yule Says:

    i dont ***** know, why dont you count them

  55. Fina Says:

    like trillions~~~

  56. Ivi Says:

    wheres waldo?

  57. August Says:

    Upper left, under the candy cane.

  58. Damien Says:

    You mean Waldo Cheung?

  59. Gustav Says:

    2nd on the left

  60. Idella Says:

    He’s in your office.

  61. Paco Says:

    If you were in your office right now we’d be having this conversation face-to-face.

  62. Denji Says:

    ooh snap, jason bourne

  63. Falk Says:

    well played, sir.

  64. Frigg Says:

    Crap, I was going to post that.

  65. Fifi Says:

    Yeah, me too.

  66. Yousef Says:

    wells wardo?

  67. Rafer Says:

    Not in China, apparently. I can read Korean, and those were Korean characters on the umbrellas.

  68. Jens Says:

    There’s even a section for McDonald’s lovers!

  69. Lupita Says:

    I’m loving it…(or lovin’ if you’re semi-illiterate)

  70. Xantara Says:

    I like how they aimed that commercial campaign at the semi literate.. at least they know their demographic

  71. Urit Says:

    Sorry to be pedantic, but dropping a letter to show a colloquialism isn’t being “semi-illiterate”. If they’d missed the apostrophe, that’s another issue.

  72. Mustafa Says:

    Buried for saying “pedantic.”

  73. Myee Says:

    dugg for saying “pedantic.”

  74. Curtis Says:

    how much would that suck to have the middle umbrella?

  75. Mykelti Says:

    It would suck as much as being there.

  76. Vi Says:

    if you leave to get food or something, it’s gonna be hell to try and get back

  77. Osias Says:

    why is there korean on the mcdonald umbrellas?? hahah i guess there are a lot of korean tourist or something

  78. Prue Says:

    Don’t know why you’re dugg down, it is indeed from Pusan Beach in South Korea:- images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=pusan+beac …Typical western blogger – people who look Asian are “Chinese”.

  79. Odessa Says:

    Or maybe it’s actually in Korea.Way to fail.

  80. Woodward Says:


  81. Sabella Says:

    I am loving it = Ailing Vomit. Its a subliminal Anagram.

  82. Vallerie Says:

    but its I’m lovin it. so it doesnt work.

  83. Valin Says:

    Ailin Vomit

  84. Nefertiti Says:

    crap. i suck at life

  85. Zero Says:


  86. Yates Says:

    It’s Korean text written on the umbrellas…

  87. Ethanael Says:

    Pretty sad that American gluttony has surfaced in other countries. McDonalds. How pathetic is that.

  88. Uriela Says:

    This is how United States will collapse:China sends 1 million tourists into U.S. America is sees opportunity. China sends 20 million tourists, America starts to feel crowded. China sends 100 million tourists, U.S surrenders.

  89. Kaida Says:

    Realistically, if China sent 100 million tourists, the American economy would skyrocket and be on easy street for the foreseeable future.

  90. Wood Says:

    That might pay for a day in Iraq.

  91. Jagannath Says:

    100 million tourists coming to america to ….. spend money?is that what you’re getting at

  92. Caitir Says:

    apparently you are too smart for the jerks on this site.

  93. Denise Says:

    crowded like there population haha

  94. Oraefo Says:


  95. Luqman Says:

    This is some facepalm *****.

  96. Emery Says:

    Exactly what I was thinking.

  97. Tuyen Says:


  98. Nadda Says:

    Oops, My choice : a private swimmingpool ;-D

  99. Odetta Says:

    Don’t drink the water;)~

  100. Fancy Says:

    there’s water?

  101. Swithin Says:

    Sorry for threadjacking, but I has mirrors. frequenciez.com/beach-1.jpg frequenciez.com/beach-2.jpg frequenciez.com/beach-3.jpg frequenciez.com/beach-4.jpg frequenciez.com/beach-5.jpg frequenciez.com/beach-6.jpg frequenciez.com/beach-7.jpg frequenciez.com/beach-8.jpg frequenciez.com/beach-9.jpg frequenciez.com/beach-10.jpg

  102. Bash Says:

    Does that smile have a evil goatee or something?

  103. Usher Says:

    There’s blood in the water?

  104. Oral Says:

    there’s pee in the water! :S

  105. Bat Says:

    so do you disintegrate if you step in the water?

  106. Phineas Says:

    They’re not newcomers.

  107. Halen Says:

    My thought exactly…how safe is that water anyways?And even if they didn’t have a big pollution problem in China, that many people in the water would just gross me out…

  108. Keturah Says:

    It almost sounds fabricated, but obviously it’s not. I could never, ever have imagined so many people on a single beach. Imagine the pandamonium if a shark is sighted!

  109. Dustine Says:

    The shark might get trampled.

  110. Heller Says:


  111. Vidar Says:

    I love listening to pictures.

  112. Jafari Says:

    All 1000 words of them.

  113. Otis Says:

    Acid will do that to ya

  114. Sabin Says:

    I hear what you did there.

  115. Humvee Says:

    i would’ve yelled “shark!” then taken the pictures

  116. Taban Says:

    Although, considering it’s in Korea and English isn’t their native language, I’d say the pictures would look very similar.

  117. Pabla Says:

    It’s actually not in China. It’s a vacation spot in Korea where people go for gambling.

  118. Muskan Says:

    In the water?

  119. Adrianne Says:

    If it happens to enter an orifice, yes.

  120. Lyall Says:

    well wherever it is, they ***** love inner tubes

  121. Gunhilda Says:

    Yea, I was like why are the characters on the McDonalds umbrellas in Korean. Any idea what the name of that place is?

  122. Yama Says:

    i thought the macdonalds umbrellas had korean writing on them.

  123. Umberto Says:

    Pfft. China, Korea, whatever. Same place. :)

  124. Zuna Says:

    lol, you don’t even need to get that daring, even if you said “China, Taiwan, same thing” somebody would scream bloody murder. Funny how that is with neighboring countries.

  125. Orabella Says:

    The difference is nobody is trying to claim Korea is part of China. The issue with Taiwan is a lot more complicated.

  126. Ulric Says:

    oh really, in that case then, USA Mexico same thing, France Germany same thing, Russia Mongolia same thing etc…they are considered separate countries because there is a sense of national identity unique to each nation, not for people to simply generalize them into one category. You live next to your neighbor therefore you must be the same as him, no?

  127. Binh Says:

    This is a dumb comparison. All of East Asia looks a lot a like. Mexicans and Americans don’t. Some of your white people comparisons in Europe might be more valid though.

  128. Ye Says:

    I would smack the person who says Canada and US are the same thing. We are similar, but Canadians are different, just like how Korea and China are different.

  129. Sabriel Says:

    My favorite VeggieTales line:”Well, he didn’t look Canadian.”

  130. Vivek Says:

    I hope that was a joke, otherwise you’ve just demonstrated how much of a dumbass you are……:)

  131. Uriela Says:

    Yes, it was a joke. See the smiley face?

  132. Iren Says:

    Haeundae Beach near Pusan (2nd largest city), South Korea during the peak season for school kids in late July early August. Gambling’s not really the point for family vacations. A beautiful beach and not all that crowded most other times of the year.

  133. Otieno Says:

    images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=pusan+beac …

  134. Anderson Says:

    2dayblog.com/blog/2007/08/13/iluv-and-s … hot.

  135. Kylia Says:

    how do they go sunbathing if the whole beach is covered by umbrellas

  136. Osher Says:

    Most Korean (and Japanese) women I’ve known will go to lengths to avoid direct sun on their skin, especially their faces. Sunbathing is something many in East Asia look at as a ridiculous western aging ritual they’d rather avoid. The younger generation is starting to follow America to the beach, but in general they are aghast at the idea of intentionally baking your skin under damaging sunlight.I was in Hawaii not too long back and remember the middle-aged Japanese women on the beach actually covered up in bright-white reflective suits made of thin fabric (almost like paper) that covered everything, even their heads. They must like the ocean but hate the sun, I guess.

  137. Odele Says:

    what’s the point of going to beach then?

  138. Orde Says:

    Thanks for that correction *crosses Korea off list of vacation spots*

  139. Eduardo Says:

    watch out for brown floating logs…

  140. Fuchsia Says:

    or baby ruths

  141. Abby Says:


  142. Bastien Says:


  143. Victor Says:

    Too bad some people are probably digging you down because they don’t get the whole “chinese can’t say ‘L’ sounds, instead ‘L’ comes out as ‘R’

  144. Emilie Says:

    I don’t think you get the whole “Japanese can’t say ‘L’ sounds, instead ‘L’ comes out as ‘R’.” Chinese people say L’s just fine; ever looked at Chinese last names?

  145. Fidella Says:

    I don’t think you get the whole ‘Koreans can’t say “L” sounds, instead “L” comes out as “R”.’

  146. Zeshawn Says:

    well my mom is chinese and she can’t say L when its in the middle of the word

  147. Rylan Says:

    Funny how we went from China to Korea and now Japan.Koreans can pronounce both L and R. I have many Korean friends and I’d notice if they couldn’t pronounce some of their own names properly.

  148. Zaide Says:

    If they are pronoucing their own names, they are getting it right. You are in the wrong.Bone: We call our kids a name, and then spell it any way we want.

  149. Uba Says:

    I’m not too sure about that. My roommate is South Korean and his Ls definitely sound a bit like Rs. At the beginning of the school year when he first arrived in the country, he could not make L sounds at all.

  150. Derek Says:

    Other way around pal. They have trouble with the letter ‘R’. They dont really have too many ‘R’ sounds in Chinese, so they use an ‘L’ sound.

  151. Xanthe Says:

    other way around, burying because I DO get it…

  152. Wing Says:

    At least on this beach you wont be ronery.

  153. Meurig Says:

    I am laughing out loud at that. Nicely done.

  154. Issay Says:

    It’s actually even more corrupted: oh be po pyoo re te do (Japanese katakana style)

  155. Muunokhoi Says:

    i agwee

  156. Bailey Says:

    I see a boobie!

  157. Raffaello Says:


  158. Idra Says:

    that doesn’t count

  159. Zuma Says:

    korean characters on umbrellas in china?

  160. Pabla Says:

    Well, it’s obvious that people just want to China bash some more, regardless of the fact that those pictures are from Korea and NOT China. Any opportunity is a valid one to attack China, apparently.

  161. Hal Says:

    well…that picture ain’t flattering either way

  162. Shoshanah Says:

    They all rook arike.

  163. Audrey Says:


  164. Andie Says:


  165. Liluye Says:

    Could you imagine the film of dirt on your body after spending time in that water!

  166. Halen Says:

    That’s not dirt.

  167. Viveca Says:

    not as dirty as the films of your mom

  168. Deniz Says:

    A relaxing day at the beach

  169. Henrietta Says:

    Fail. Those umbrellas have Korean characters written on them, not Chinese characters.

  170. Luz Says:

    They’re all squiggles to me. Only the Vietnamese are saved with their Roman characters.

  171. Hunter Says:

    now that’s just IGNINT!

  172. Valiant Says:

    Agreed, Kyora. I can read Korean, so I knew what they were right away.

  173. Annabella Says:

    I’m the opposite – I can read Chinese. =P

  174. Edsel Says:

    Not all Asians are Chinese. Misrepresent!

  175. Ulysses Says:

    Hey! What make you think I Chinese!?! I AM KOREAN!! Do I look Chinese??Yes, mother ***** you do look Chinese. To the untrained eye, you all look Chinese to me.-Dave Chappelle

  176. Josie Says:

    haha well put

  177. Vivica Says:

    Looking at the people from up close you’d be able to tell the difference between Korean and Chinese.Japanese to Korean though is a different story.

  178. Yamilet Says:

    in china ,we say koreans “GAO LI BANG ZI”,hahaha~~~korean wussies!!!

  179. Jennis Says:

    What if you lost your child at this beach?

  180. Umaymah Says:

    The government pays you for losing said child?

  181. Zulu Says:

    Have a new one.

  182. Anderson Says:

    Just grab another, the all look alike.

  183. Bai Says:

    so wrong, but still funny.

  184. Shlomo Says:

    Funny..but you know what? us Asian think you white folks look alike too.

  185. Binder Says:

    I got news for you. Many “white folks” look alike to each other. I’m an average looking person and I get mistaken for others a lot.

  186. Frida Says:

    Korea. Inaccurate. Buried.

  187. Rafe Says:

    they’re all the same…

  188. Bahari Says:

    To idiots.

  189. Lyall Says:

    Does. Anyone. Really. Give. A. *****?

  190. Cais Says:

    Apparently. People. Do.

  191. Nuren Says:

    My personal bubble is hyperventilating right now.

  192. Fuchsia Says:

    You and every other Westerner with an over developed sense of being left alone. I wouldn’t mind that too much I don’t think.

  193. Lina Says:

    The things you see when you don’t have a tsunami…

  194. Edita Says:

    Sorry, the correct answer is “What is things you see when you don’t have a tsunami”

  195. Raewyn Says:

    Strike two, the correct response was ”, as in not even saying anything.

  196. Xenophon Says:

    I guess that makes you strike three, then.

  197. Winnie Says:

    You’ve clearly never played Jeopardy

  198. Zephan Says:

    Man, I can just picture an army of Chinese invading on those inflatable yellow rafts. We’re doomed.

  199. Syesha Says:

    You mean Korean don’t you.

  200. Luther Says:

    all the same.

  201. Yoshino Says:

    cnot got dugg down for his ignorance, so I don’t see why you’d do the exact same thing. What are you, stupid?

  202. Paddy Says:

    you killed it…

  203. Tabananica Says:

    That is so disgusting.

  204. Philemon Says:

    Better wash you hands 12 times

  205. Myla Says:

    you know, i lived in california for close to a year and i lived in beijing for 3 years and i felt more disgusted living in california. US people have a certain smell… Don’t know how to describe it but it’s there… It’s weird and after a while you don’t notice it, but they smell…

  206. Winifred Says:

    Its the fast food coming out of their skin.

  207. Helsa Says:

    An agoraphobics worst nighmare

  208. Duval Says:

    especially if they were hydrophobic as well… hydroagoraphobia.. or would that be agorahydrophobia.. fear of water crowds or fear of crowds in water?

  209. Henrietta Says:

    I think if you have a fear of water then you got bigger problems than how many people at the beach.

  210. Helia Says:

    If you were afraid of water, why the hell would you go to a beach?

  211. Jafaru Says:

    Maybe you don’t understand the concept. Lots of people afraid of water go to the beach. They are afriad of the water, drowning, etc, but they love to be at the beach.

  212. Durriyah Says:

    FAIL, Agoraphobia is a fear of open space. Claustrophobia is a fear of being closed in.

  213. Maclean Says:

    I remember that, that was around the time when i finally laid my hands on photoshop for the first time and i shopped godzilla into one of those pictures…thought i was the coolest kid on the block.

  214. Kai Says:

    For some odd reason I want some Coke and McDonald’s. Weird…

  215. Xiao chen Says:


  216. Galeno Says:

    I’m thinking that there’s a *slightly* larger “cultural divide” than I previously suspected…

  217. Walter Says:

    The good thing: The water is really warm…

  218. Tut Says:

    lagged – mirror here bestpicsaround.com/pic-1031-The-Beach-in-Ch …

  219. Rahima Says:

    Better link here people (more pictures and loads faster)

  220. Gamada Says:

    sorry but that’s my backyard…Haeundae beach in Busan, Korea. But I understand why you’re confused, they all look the same, right?

  221. Ulfah Says:

    Thanks for clarifying but whats with the enormous amount of people there?

  222. Caitlin Says:

    When the beach opens its a pretty big event.

  223. Edric Says:

    Like Spring Break here when the US beaches are packed with high school and college students: coolestspringbreak.com/image-files/spri …

  224. Durriyah Says:


  225. Fiducia Says:

    Any time a westerner sees a ***** ton of asians together doing everything in near unison, it’s assumed to be chinese-related. I’m pretty sure Tokyo and Seoul would give any area in China a good run for its money for packed in asians.

  226. Keturah Says:

    Busan isn’t incredibly dense. The traffic isn’t actually that bad; just fairly scary given how aggressively the locals drive.

  227. Idris Says:

    Yes, most beaches do look alike.

  228. Rin Says:


  229. Tuvya Says:

    they all look the same? the beaches? or the people? alllooksame.com

  230. Phineas Says:

    yeah i agree, this kind of racial bigotry is the thing we need to end.RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT

  231. Damani Says:

    First off you’re an idiot. Its not Racial Bigotry that makes westerners say that Asians all look alike, it’s more just the fact that our brains recognize them as one race, not an individual, it’s how we’re hard wired. I’d imagine if you knew a bunch of Asians (friends etc) then you would have no problem what so ever differentiating them.Second, stop the Ron Paul spam.

  232. Madeleine Says:

    No, it’s just racial bigotry.And yes, stop the Ron Paul spam.

  233. Fareeda Says:

    Ohh… I guess THAT would explain why all the text on everything in the pictures is in Korean :/

  234. Tiltilla Says:

    That’s a ***** of people. Anyone know if this is just a “regular day at the beach” or is it that crowded for a specific holiday/event/celebration?

  235. Galiena Says:

    read the comments above…it’s clarified there.

  236. Jagger Says:

    Haeundae beach opening for the season.

  237. Ida Says:


  238. Kaemon Says:

    are you really that stupid?

  239. Macon Says:

    who just grabbed my ass?

  240. Derek Says:

    the guy with the slanted eyes

  241. Kaethe Says:

    Asians are famous for their slanted eyes in countries like the U.S. Americans are famous for their ignorance and body odor. Which one is better, slanted eyes or ignorance with BO?

  242. Raffaello Says:

    I’d rather have BO and know how to operate my car.

  243. Metta Says:

    While in Korea I was asked if Americans smelled like cheese like Koreans smelled like kim-chi. Awwwwkwaaaaaard.In other news, fratdaddy in all likelihood doesn’t even own a car let alone know how to operate one.

  244. Frieda Says:

    The Chinaman in the next cube has vile body odor. At lunchtime his cube smells like carrion.

  245. Edgardo Says:

    also, dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. asian-american, please.

  246. Sabriel Says:

    I call a spade a spade. Your politically correct naming schemes don’t interest me. The guy ain’t an American at all. He is a chicom with a Visa. Don’t worry. I’m keeping an eye on him.

  247. Xerxes Says:

    If it was a cute korean girl, I wouldn’t mind,,

  248. Xanto Says:

    Not Big China, man! It’s little Korea!

  249. Haide Says:

    This is a national crisis. There is a serious lack of beaches in the country of China.

  250. Lyall Says:

    Not China. Chinese characters look like this: 我是美国人。 Korean characters look like what’s on the umbrellas. Read a book, travel, just do something to learn the difference.

  251. Kaethe Says:

    Korean, ***** do you speak it?

  252. Wind Says:

    even in beach so much population!.

  253. Twyla Says:

    ***** that *****, I’m getting a pool.

  254. Frida Says:

    The korean words on the umbrellas speak for itself. Buried for not knowing the difference between asian countries.

  255. Mykelti Says:

    That would be a Korean beach (notice the korean on the McDonald umbrellas), but yeah the shoreline water must get kinda nasty by the end of the day. Way too many people at one time.

  256. Kylemore Says:

    Did anyone else notice the 50 cent shirts the dudes were wearing?

  257. Yatin Says:

    One of the funniest things I’ve seen in Korea is a Fubu in the mall near Haeoondae beach in Busan. The window has this huge poster of a bunch of abercrombie-looking caucasian young-adults wearing Fubu gear. It was like Holloween in Orange County.

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