A Brief Review Of Expediting United States Passport Services

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When traveling out of the country, it is almost always necessary to have a passport. This can be very inconvenient when last minute travel plans are made. However, there is no need to panic because there is the option to expedite passport service. Knowing how to deal with situations like these before they arise is very important.

Instead of waiting several weeks to receive your valuable document, there are some quicker options. Your first option is to apply to have your document expedited. This means that the consulate will give your passport first priority. Your second option is to apply for same day services.

Before attempting to get a passport, you will need to go to a local FedEx or post office and get your photo taken. Since this document can be used as a photo ID, it is necessary that the photo is regulation size. Never use a photo that was not taken at an advertised photo station for this type of document.

Even when you are speeding up the application process, you still need to fill out the application. The form is called a DS-11 and you can get it from most post offices. If you want to print out the application, it can be found on the consulate’s website. Just make sure that the form you print out is an updated form and you understand how to fill it out completely.

Gather all the documents you have acquired up until now including your photos, your application and your birth certificate. Put them all in a package and ship them overnight. You have to clarify which type of service you would like, regular, expedited or same day. However, if you want same day service, you should deliver the American passport renewal application personally.

In order to ensure that the consulate gives your application priority, you have to pay an extra fee. This will make sure that you get your document in time. You have to mark your envelope so they know you are applying for speedy service and send it for overnight delivery. You can either go to pick up the document yourself or send an envelope with postage so the consulate can send your document back.

If it is an absolute emergency and you need your document within two weeks, you should schedule an appointment with the consulate. Bring all of the paperwork you need and show up on time. You can go through the entire application process and quite possibly get your passport on the same day. However, keep in mind that you will have to pay an extra fee.

Although it is always best to get your documents in order well before a trip, sometimes we just do not know when we will have to travel. However, it is good to know that you can expedited pass port service US gov when really in need. Only use this service as a last resort.

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