5 Reasons on Using Tarps for Ultra-Light Backpacking

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Camping might be one of the best outdoor activities that you can do. To help you enhance your experience while in the wild, tarps are definitely one of the best solution for ultra-light backpacking.

Some benefits that you can acquire by using tarps as cover and shelter may be listed as follows:

1) Tarps provide ventilation: this will make a big difference especially if you will be camping for a long time. Without ventilation, thus increasing condensation, will dampen everything inside your tent including your clothes making it heavier and colder as each day goes by.

2) Tarps do not necessarily use poles to pitch them. By not using poles, you will reduce your overall weight greatly whenever you are going into the wild. They are relatively easy to pitch wherever there are trees, branches, or both. While in any other condition, you might need poles if you are going to places like the desert or such.

3) You can easily pitch them low to prevent strong wind from removing them, thus they will surely protect and cover yourself from a gusting wind.

4) They are lighter to carry around than regular tents: besides not having to carry any pole at all to pitch them, tarps are usually lighter than tents saving your energy to more demanding tasks.

5) They provide more coverage: they can be bought in any size that you may want it to and since they are easy to fold and carry, you may be able to cover a larger area with it than you could with your regular tent.

By knowing these facts, you should be able to gain good knowledge to choose tarps for your camping experience. Check it out and compare the results, as it has been used as shade and ground covers for quite a long time, and it is proven to be one of the best solutions to go camping. It is better used in a warm seasons because in winter or in an extreme weather conditions, you will prefer to use a single wall tent to make you warm and protected.

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